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Sky Vettel's 'Sin From a New Perspective'

Sky Vettel
in Entertainment

A Native New Yorker, electronic musician Sky Vettel is creating what she calls "concept music" - pieces which evoke imagery, emotions, new thoughts and feelings. "Isn't that pretty much all music? Unl...

When You Need A Feel Good Song...

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

Do you miss the days of feel good music? Think of the songs from the 80s that filled the soundtracks of our lives and the soundtracks of your favorite John Hughes’ movies. To me, this new song from Ed...

Why Drake Could Never Be The King of Hip Hop

Pages Magazine
in Entertainment

Story by Tony Bueno With this past weekend's release of Drake’s “More Life” playlist, Drizzy continued his trend of stopping the music world in its tracks and forcing us to launch our music streaming ...

Listen: More Drake, 'More Life' Playlist

Krishna Patel
in Entertainment

The OVO God is out with his new 'playlist,' More Life, now available wherever music is sold or streamed. That's right. Playlist. Not album. Drake is explicit about this (but not anywhere else in the p...

Interview with Electronic Music Producer and Artist Serge Bulat

Beat Staff
in Entertainment

Serge Bulat, who hails from Moldova, is new to the New York music scene, but his artistry has not gone unnoticed. His debut effort, the 2016 audio visual project titled "Queuelbum," garnered critical ...

Prince, for the Uninitiated, OR 'The Origins of Being an Obsessive Prince-Fan!'

Martin Skate
in Entertainment

In Art class one morning, one of the cool kids put on a Prince tape, not knowing that this small act would shape my music preferences for life. Art was a double period on a Friday, and it was unlike a...

Charles Manson's Music Hits Stores

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

No one could have predicted that at this point in his life, 82-year-old killer Charles Manson would have an album due out in stores. Manson, known for his role in the murder of Sharon Tate and her unb...

Understanding Music and the Brain

Skunk Uzeki
in Science

Music is something that is older than human history itself. Birds make music. Humans have, for longer than history has recorded, sang songs to appease one another, please deities, and entertain one an...

Greatest Classic Movie Musicals

Anthony Gramuglia
in Buyer's Guide

Ever since people first put sound in movies, the classic genre of the musical has thrived. It makes sense, of course. Song has always been involved in visual story telling. The Greek Chorus would sing...

"Long Live Rock" - The Who Announce Las Vegas Residency

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

British rockers The Who are heading to Sin City for a history-making, albeit brief, residency. The band, led by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, have perhaps become best known as the group whose musi...

If Rush Had A Frontwoman...

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

If you take a moment to listen to some of the songs the band Grown Up Avenger Stuff has on YouTube you’ll find their sound fairly eclectic, though rooted in rock and metal. However, when their new sin...