Interview with Electro-Folk Artist Sula Mae

Beat Staff
in Entertainment

Sula Mae is no stranger to the stage, though not for the reasons you might think. This beautiful British blonde was practically born into the music world; she attended her first rave at just three-wee...

'Cosmic Dance' Will Give You Chills

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

If you seek music that entrances you and speaks to you all at once, Andrew Goldring’s new single, “Cosmic Dance,” is the song for you. According to his short bio, this song is a step away from his nor...

How To Become a Music Producer

Sam Manford
in Buyer's Guide

Have you ever wondered who a music producer is? Or what they do? What about songwriters? Mixing and mastering engineers? I bet you know what a performing musician does and maybe you have a fair idea o...

Epic Music From Dark Model

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

While many people focus on the lyrics of a song, there are those of us who enjoy hearing every instrument in a band. We have an ear to pick out each instrument and give it our focus through a song. Wh...

Hawking – ‘We Want to Get Listeners Stoked On Hearing Something Different’

Liam Stirzaker
in Entertainment

Hawking – ‘We want to get listeners stoked on hearing something different’ If you have been looking for something new and are yet to discover Vancouver based Alt Rock 4 Piece, Hawking, then you are in...

Famous Albums That Never Saw The Light of The Day

Ljubinko Zivkovic
in Entertainment

Remember that great soul hit “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” done right by both Marvin Gay and Gladys Night? Well, that is how throughout the history of rock music, but particularly from the time t...

Music & Fashion: Intertwined Throughout the Ages

Riley Reese
in Culture

Fashion is one of the clearest signs of the times, and it says more about our society than we give it credit for. We can tell the difference between the jeans hippies wore in 1969 versus the skin-tigh...

Musicians Who Defined Their Genre

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Entertainment

There are a million different ways to judge a musician's or band's talent. Regular listeners might judge it by seeing if the singer can hit high notes, or if guitarists are able to do high-speed riffs...

How the Music Industry Changes Artists’ Authenticity

Shaunna Nelson
in Culture

It seems over the course of time, it becomes difficult for our favorite artists to stay true to their original form. Who’s to say its the weight of the industry or the ever-so-popular cult group “The ...

80s Music Tells Us that Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but So Should We

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

That’s right, I’m going to defend Cyndi Lauper’s 80s music anthem Girls Just want to Have Fun. I like it now, but I was right there in 1984, hating the lyrics just like every other guy who felt put ou...

Can Your Baby Really Hear the Music You Play?

Anthony Gramuglia
in Science

It has long been stated among many individuals that babies can hear music in the womb, and that, by hearing certain music, they can develop faster or even better than babies that do not have the privi...