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pH-1's 'loves' EP Review

Another Strong Showing from the Vastly Underrated Artist

pH-1 has flown under the radar for many now for a couple of years, working on consistently solid releases such as "Wavy," "Perfect," and more recent efforts such as "GATSBY" and "harry." Combining upbeat rhythms with positive outlooks, he’s a unique rapper that offers fresh perspectives and a distinctive style that’s both enticing and refreshing. His outlook on life is clear on social media, and as a definite positive role model for many fans, he’s more than just your conventional hip-hop artist. Signed to H1GHR Music, it seems like more of a "when" rather than an "if" in terms of when he’s about to break through into the mainstream. 

Lyrically, he’s subjectively one of the best around right now, packing interesting outlooks, quirkiness, and perspective into each and every second of his tracks, something rare in today’s rap scene. Instrumentally, sticking with producer Thurxday pays off big time for the artist, with each track having its own individual feel and stand-alone charm, combining elements such as funk and slick synth beats to create the perfect recipe. It’s hard to find a fault in the way pH-1 goes about his work.

From my own personal perspective, It's hard to see why the Korean-American rapper doesn't have a place in the rife hip-hop scene in the East currently, and with the 29-year-old set to appear on the television programme Show Me The Money, it looks like this double-single could be the catapult the experienced artist needs. 

With both tracks being produced by the extremely talented aforementioned Thurxday, the first track "Cupid" chooses a slick electronic beat that adds some funk to the smooth and coherent rap verses. With a catchy hook and upbeat vibe, it's a track that earns its stars and more, and in a Summer that has seen a surprising number of great releases, this still manages to hold its own.

Its counterpart, the palpable energy "Groupie" retains the slightly funk-driven electronic beat that gives a tangibly fun vibe to the song, but from a lyrical standpoint, this offering seems more satirical, particularly in the chorus. It's a clever and fun track worth an attentive listen, particularly with another ear-worm of a hook adding to its quality. The songs may not strike the average listener as anything more than good songs, but both are intrinsically complex and well written, creating their own unique vibe and feel to them. It’s a huge testament to the fantastic job done by the entire crew working on this release, who have once again retained that excitement I feel whenever I can see pH-1 is going to be releasing new music.

Complete with two cleverly placed features from PENOMECO and Mokyo, respectively, the double-single doesn't pull any punches, but rather further proves that it's more than time that pH-1 gets his due credit. You can put this release up with anything released this year and it’d hold its own, and it’s six minutes worth going out of your way for. With its reputation for being a star-making show, I say bring on Show Me The Money, as it's about time the world sits up and takes notice of a star ready to be thrust into the limelight.

Not only should you listen to this EP, but it’s a shining example of why in a competitive industry, you should always back the artists you love. With the rise of social media and streaming, its easy for good music to be buried away and slip under the radar, and with artists such as pH-1 taking to Twitter to say how they feel it is their time for the big break, it’s certainly time fans start sharing the good music, looking for the good music, and find the gems hidden under the cracks. This for me is quintessential for keeping music alive, and I recommend this double-single as a starting point.

You can listen to and support this excellent double single (and his other tracks) on Spotify below, and remember to tune in to Show Me The Money season 7, debuting on September 7. 



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pH-1's 'loves' EP Review
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