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Podcast Grooves

Independent Artists

There is a difference between radio and podcasting. In radio, you have a license to play music by music artists. However, in podcasting, you are not allowed to play copyrighted music without permission. By permission, I was able to upload a few songs by artists with permission. You have to be sure that the artists own their own music and not their record company.

Later on, as time went by, I found music artists that allow you to download their music under creative commons license. I thought it was a splendid idea. There are so many new artists wanting their music to be heard that radio does not play. Radio seems to play only a handful of music artists over and over again. Sometimes it seems like someone like Beyonce is played every thirty minutes. You can get tired of hearing the same old songs because radio disc jockeys will play the same songs to death. Sometimes it will make you want to call up the radio station and complain, but instead, you may switch to another station. I'm surprised that radio has not lost all of its listeners. When you listen to radio today, there seems to be no variety. I think that online radio has more variety than radio in your car. You can play all of the songs that you want to hear online, but you have to depend on the DJ to play the songs you want for radio in your car. If it had not been for the internet, I would not have found new music artists and their music.

You can hear independent artists and new music from my category of music I call Podcast Grooves.

Podcast Grooves

There is so much new talent out there. There are so many independent artists. That's why I made a category for their music and named it Podcast Grooves. People say that there will never be another Michael Jackson, another Prince, and another Whitney Houston. We see people imitate them, but they are only impersonators. Some of them have singing talent, but they are still impersonators. We need new faces, new voices, and new talent. We need someone different. I will not say that impersonators will not make it, but I do not believe that they will make it the way our favorite stars did yesterday. They need to be themselves with their voices. Time has changed for music, and the music industry has changed. If you are looking for new music and talent, you might find music you like in Podcast Grooves.

Some of the most famous music artists like The Temptations, Jackie Wilson, and Lou Rawls have sons that can sing and sound like them. When they sing the songs of yesterday, you can hardly tell their voices apart from their fathers. I know that legends can live on through their sons and that people still love the old music. So why can't the old style of music come back like yesterday? People are not singing about love anymore. It makes no sense how music is today. If it's not sex or violence, no one seems to be listening, or is it the way the music industry makes things be. They might tell you that the old music is out of style, but nobody has ever stopped loving those oldies. Nobody has ever stopped loving a good old fashioned love song. A little update on music wouldn't hurt, but a love song is never out of style. 

Everything that you miss in music, you might find in Podcast Grooves. If you miss the 80s sound or folk music, that is what Podcast Grooves is all about. The category is all about good music. If you miss good rap music and songs about love, you might find it in Podcast Grooves. There are independent artists and unsigned artists that are full of good music and talent. Real talent has not gone anywhere, and talented people are waiting to be loved, known, and heard. They need to be given a chance so that we can fall in love with music again and have a variety of music artists to listen to.

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Podcast Grooves
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