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PYOUR Audio Helps Those with Hearing Loss Rediscover Music

For a music fan, few things can be as bad as losing your ability to hear. PYOUR Audio can change that.

It's often said that Beethoven could never hear the kind of music he wrote because he was deaf. People also say that the notes he made were just created from his memories of what they used to sound like. Tragic, considering that he's one of the greatest composers of all time.

Beethoven was a genius. Most of us are not, and most of us will eventually start to forget all the beautiful little notes, beats, and details that make up our favorite songs. That's why hearing loss is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a music lover.

Most people who have hearing loss, even lower levels of it, have a hard time enjoying music. However, that might change, thanks to a company called Absolute Audio and their PYOUR Audio. Here's what you should know about this epic tech.

As we all age, our hearing tends to get a little worse for wear.

Studies show that after our 20s, people typically stop being able to hear as well as they once did. Many will begin to struggle with certain tones, others different volumes, and still more may be unable to hear transitions in certain pitches.

If you've gotten older and noticed that the music you love doesn't sound the same, then you are probably seeing what happens when age-related hearing deterioration happens. This is actually why many 30 year olds think that music played today sounds like a "bad mix."

The thing is, age-induced hearing loss is not uniform in nature.

Do you ever notice how people who are hard of hearing don't always exhibit the same difficulties? Many people tend to struggle with deeper voices, while others can't hear within a certain high-pitched range. Aging, even with hearing, is never uniform.

Though the hearing difficulties are not uniform, what is uniform is the problems it causes for music lovers. It's like hearing your favorite song degrade over time.

Absolute Audio created the PYOUR Audio system to help people who are hard of hearing experience the full potential of their music.

Absolute Audio is one of the very first companies to create smart, app-controlled headphones, which are specially designed to help people who are starting to lose their audio range get the most out of their music.

By isolating the music, cancelling out noises, and adjusting pitches based on each listener's unique hearing profile, people get to hear the music they love the way their favorite artists wanted them to hear it.

The headphones themselves are Parrot Zik 3s.

If you're a diehard audiophile, you might already recognize the Parrot name. This company is known for excellent tech gear of all sorts, ranging from drone tech to upscale headphones.

Parrot Zik 3 headphones are known for their comfortable wear, wide range of different frequencies, D/A conversion, and Qi charging compatibility. In other words, Parrot Zik 3s are pretty awesome for just about every music lover.

Of course, the Zik 3 also comes with the typical range of perks upscale headphones always have.

Parrot's Zik 3 is made to be one of the most versatile headphone sets out there. That's why the features that you would expect to see in just about every world-class headphone set can be found in these.

Along with wireless charging and streaming, the PYOUR Audio headphone sets come with flight mode, street mode, noise cancellation, text to speech for incoming calls, and presence detection as well.

When you download the PYOUR Audio app, your Parrot Zik 3 will have extra firmware installed that gives your headphones a special twist.

The PYOUR Audio series of headphones come equipped with Bluetooth compatibility and a specialized app that adjusts to your unique hearing spectrum. By changing the different frequencies that get emphasized, you get the ability to hear the music you love in full, unabashed detail.

The tech that is involved in PYOUR Audio changes with your specific hearing difficulties. It's a headphone set that is designed to cater to you.

Along with better music detail and epic standard features, PYOUR Audio comes with a perk that helps preserve your hearing.

Part of being able to keep your hearing health intact is knowing when to lower the volume. PYOUR Audio actually can help you do that through their app's features.

The app shows you the decibel level of your headphones, and offers up advice on whether you should cap the volume. You also can choose to cap the volume at the level of your preference well ahead of time so you don't accidentally blow out your eardrums.

The app and the headphones are designed for easy use.

Too often, we see excellent pieces of smart tech that are just too difficult for most users to have. With an app like PYOUR Audio, it'd be easy to assume that it's designed specifically for music professionals who want to make the most of their studio time.

Thankfully, PYOUR is all about bringing music to the masses. Its super-easy design is perfect for people who want to have the emotions they once felt fused back into the music they adore.

If you already have Parrot Zik 3s, you don't need to buy a new pair to get PYOUR Audio.

PYOUR Audio is all about innovation, and it's one of the only pieces of headphone technology that doesn't immediately require you to buy a new headset. If you already own Parrot Zik 3s, you can transform them into your own PYOUR Audio headphones pretty easily.

All you have to do to unlock your Zik 3's full potential is download the PYOUR Audio app and link it to your headset.

No matter who you are, or how old you may be, you can appreciate PYOUR Audio.

You don't actually have to have hearing loss to enjoy PYOUR Audio's functionality; all you have to do is have an appreciation for good quality music. You just really need to want your music to be crisp, pure, and made the way artists want you to hear it.

The Zik 3 headphones and PYOUR Audio app will give you the amazingly perfect hearing you always wanted, and breathe life back into every song you hear.

Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

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PYOUR Audio Helps Those with Hearing Loss Rediscover Music
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