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Queens, NY Rising Artist Lawrence Turner Releases New Visual!

Lawrence releases "A Lil' Intro" music video.

Queens, New York is known for being the home of some of hip-hops greatest artist including J Cole and Nicki Minaj. A new artist is currently rising into the spotlight known as Lawrence Turner. Hot off his latest project A Lil' Something EP, he has released a high-energy music video for his first song on the project, titled "A Lil' Intro." The video shows his character and gives us a little taste of what we can expect on the EP. Lawrence will be dropping another visual early this year and we look forward to seeing more!

My Interview with Lawrence Turner

Taylor: What was the inspiration behind this music video?

Lawrence: I used my depression as inspiration for the "A Lil' Intro" music video. I wanted to create something that gave people the opposite feeling of what I was feeling on the daily basis. I wanted a visual that was simple, yet entertaining enough to make people smile or laugh and actually enjoy watching a music video.

We understand that you are not only a musician, but that you also shot and edited this video yourself. How do you come up with with your concepts?

I think of something that would be entertaining visually and write music around it. Whether it be just a line or two or a full song, I think of something that would either be funny or cool to see on-screen and put it into words. That way it's much easier to film because I already have the concept in mind before the song was even recorded.

What message do you want to get across to your listeners?

I strive to get every emotion that I feel across to the listeners. To show people that it's natural to have emotions. Positive or negative, it's all natural. I try to incorporate all of them in my music and portray them as raw and organic as possible in hopes of connecting with at least one person who feels the same way as me.

The A Lil' Intro EP has many different elements from "BOOM" to "Single." Can we expect this style on the full length album?

Yes, the album will be even more diverse. From pop features, to rap features. From deep emotional records, to radio mainstream records, to angry straight rap records. Every form of me is on the album.

What is your favorite song on the project and why?

"BOOM" is probably my favorite song on the project because it gave me the feeling that I would get when I heard my favorite artists just rapping relentlessly over a beat growing up. The goosebumps, the rush of excitement, the energy... Maxx 39 and myself absolutely killed that track and our chemistry is amazing on it. I listen to it and get hype every time, as if I didn't write it. And that feeling of joy is one of the reasons that I continue to do music.

Listening back to your last album, it truly told a story. Does your album also have a concept we can look forward to?

Yes, concepts are always a huge part of my work. Every track on the album will have a connection to the present and the future. Whether it be a change in attitude, scenery, relationships, stability, social status, etc., the album will explore dealing with the struggle of striving to be where you want to be and having to accept where you currently are.

If you could describe yourself as an artist in three words, what would they be?

Passionate. Frustrated. Entertaining.

Stay tuned and follow him on the channels listed below!





"A Lil' Something" by Lawrence Turner

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Queens, NY Rising Artist Lawrence Turner Releases New Visual!
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