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Reason First: Is Cardi B the Greatest Rapper of the 2010's?

With her observations, Cardi B seems to be ahead of the game.

The rap arena is flooded with figures. In this age of “I want it now!” female rappers, especially, must contend with their fellow female rappers as well as male MCs quicker and with more verve. They often find themselves referring to their genitalia in songs. MC Cardi B summarized how difficult it is to traverse the hip hop landscape without promoting sexually explicit lyrics. “When I did ‘Be Careful,’ the rapper explained, “people [were] talking mad s––.” This observation has its roots in the thousands of years of artistry across many cultures. Is it “selling out” to appeal to the tastes of the masses? Have rappers already sold out a long time ago?

When an artist, whether it’s a painter, sculptor, novelist, or recording star, sets out to create, the idea of the crowds should never factor into the decision of what material he or she will offer to the world. The artist who follows trends instead of championing new ones will never be able to make great art. To sacrifice one’s idealism to appease the tastes of the crowd in pursuit of money or fame is improper. The artist who stands on his or her own and crafts a work independent of the feelings of others is a true creator.

Cardi B is popular because she has sold out a long time ago. She is conscious of her actions and regard her ability and idealism as above the opinions of her audience. She respects her own talent and can choose how best to express herself. The thought that she could be so perceptive about her own work points to the fact that she understands the business of music. Even JAY-Z said, “that he “dumbed for [his] audience to double [his] dollars,” in order to appeal to the masses and find more riches. It is a crossroads that artists face regularly. The tool of money ought to be noted to the extent of advancing opportunities. A system of values shows that one doesn’t have to give up art for financial gain. The two don’t have to ever conflict.

By recognizing that the set of choices that the creator meets, They must discover that their own integrity is of prime importance. Is it better to be a pauper and convey what you want to say? Or be a multibillionaire shelling out trash? Ayn Rand blasts away all of that. She demonstrates that the creator must only think about what he or she seeks to describe to the world regardless of how the response to that work will be. Miss Rand brings together the mind/body ideal within the context of the world of art. The mind issues the work and any possible acclaim or fortune is pure gravy. In her works, she espouses that the artist can be profitable both physically and spiritually. That they can go to the bank with a smile on their face knowing that they found wealth by not giving up the value of fashioning great art. If individuals are to criticize or not financially support a given work, that’s their problem.

Cardi B outlined that she talks about her nether regions because “[her vagina] is [her] best friend.” This is a testament to a maker generating a piece, in this example, a musical one, for her own sake. People who are against vaginas be damned. Cardi’s declaration ought to be a clarion call for future actors, writers, musicians, and anyone in the field of arts, or aesthetics. She has shown that not only does she know what her audience wants but that her own selfish joy in making music makes her happy. And that’s all that should matter.

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Reason First: Is Cardi B the Greatest Rapper of the 2010's?
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