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Review of "Skeletons" by New Years Day

This track, having been released November 9, 2018, is the band's newest, and it is of course about diving deeper into someone else's mind.

(Via // November 9, 2018)

Rock group New Years Day have released a haunting new graveyard bop titled nothing other than “Skeletons,” and it's one of their best. This song was likely inspired by vocalist Ash Costello's recent engagement to Jimmy Trigger, of A Trigger Within. In this song, Costello hints that she wants the intended audience to tell her their secrets, to confide in her. She wants them to open up to her about all of their wrongs, their lies, and deepest secrets, no matter how deep and dark they may be. She wants all of the audience's trust, to really get to know the subject in the deepest way possible.

"Skeletons" definitely fits the theme of most their music, which I would describe as "modern punk love stories." I'd say that also fits what Costello herself described their last album as when she said it's like the "Three Cheers era of My Chemical Romance" in a late 2017 interview with popular magazine Alternative Press.

I, personally, took this song as a story of how someone can become so in love that they want to know every little thing about the person, no matter how painful it may be to hear. They, as literally as it is stated in the song, "want to know who [their lover(s)] are" in the most honest light.

In the mere 3 minutes and 33 seconds of the song, it conveys its meaning to the listener easily and obviously. The song may be interpreted in a deeper sense by some; however, the literal meaning is still in the lyrics and is smoothly played out.

This song is one of those that you would recommend to all of your punk, rock, or alternative music loving friends, and maybe even play during a long drive to give yourself an energy boost! It's quite an easy track to get stuck in your head while you are at school or work all day, and that might not be a bad thing. If you are a musically creative person, you might even want to develop and perform an acoustic version of this song at your local open mic night for all your friends to hear. Maybe then they will become fans of New Years Day, too!

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Review of "Skeletons" by New Years Day
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