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Reviews of Newest Chase Atlantic Music

If you are a VIP ticket purchaser for Chase Atlantic, you probably heard these songs a few days early and shared them with your friends. If you haven't heard them, I've linked them below, and I highly recommend giving them a listen!

Credit: Chase Atlantic on Spotify

Chase Atlantic, although you might not have heard of them, has quite the fan base with their current over 123,000 Instagram followers and a steady increase. Chase Atlantic, made up of brothers Clinton and Mitchel Cave and their close friend, Christian Anthony, created a series of EPs under the wings of a growing management company, MDDN, when they were signed in 2015. MDDN, created by the Madden brothers of the infamous band Good Charlotte, took notice of the band and quickly, as vocalist Mitchel Cave put it, "... slid into [the band's] DMs on Instagram," and it only went up from there.

October of 2017, the band released their debut, self-produced, and self-titled album, which had many notable songs, such as "Triggered," "Cassie," and "Church." The three native Australians toured US with other MDDN artists, such as Sleeping With Sirens and De'Wayne Jackson, and even performed at "Emo Coachella" AKA Vans Warped Tour 2018, which helped them grow their fan base tremendously.

With all of the touring, the band needed more than just a guitarist, bassist/saxophonist, and a vocalist. Naturally, they would need a drummer and full time bassist for all of their live shows, so they recruited two friends (and fellow Aussies), Pat Wilde (bassist) and Jesse Boyle (drummer). Touring, however, gave fans something to look forward to while they waited (for what felt like forever) for new music to be released.

Finally, in April 2018, they released a single, "Numb to the Feeling," which was about relationships and drugs, both heavy themes in Chase Atlantic's music. Then, of course, they left us hanging again while they toured, until October, when they released a new song was released called "You Too." This song is obviously about a previous relationship, or a collection of memories of past relationships.

Even though the band has never made any official statements about the song's inspiration, the fans believe they've figured it out. Popular theory says the song is about guitarist and vocalist, Christian Anthony and his ex, model and actress, Alexa Mansour, who had recently called it off with no explanation as to why, which, to be blunt, isn't our business anyway. However, many details in the song closely related to Mansour and Anthony's relationship, according to fans, and they are very convinced.

The following single came in December and is titled, "Like A Rockstar." This single, unlike the previous one, is mainly geared toward their drug theme, but in a new light. Their previous drug-related songs were exaggerated stories about the boys' use of drugs, mainly weed and pills. This track, however almost flat out says "do not do drugs" while also talking about how he and his friends do drugs.

Quite the contradiction, huh?

The anti-drug lyrics include lines like, "I just want a little when that bass hits / Listen to my words: 'Don't do this' / Yeah, I'm not insecure, I'm stupid," and "And if you don't get high, don't pretend to / It's kinda sad dude."

Whereas proof of drug use lies in lines such as, "I've got a couple rules you should live by / Take drugs, stay high," and "Tell 'em that I died like a rockstar/ Tell 'em I got high like a rockstar."

An explanation is due, don't you think?

Well, before "Like A Rockstar" was even released, Chase Atlantic sat down with rock magazine Rocksound and discussed a lot of important things, including the drug-talk in their music. In this interview, Clinton Cave said the boys "aren’t condoning taking drugs or trying to glorify drug use like some rappers do." and since that is hard to believe based on their lyrical content, I think this song and that interview statement were great ways to get it all out there.

As for future songs, we cannot be too sure about their side of the thematic spectrum this band usually follows, but we can rest assured that we will be getting new music. The band, upon release of "Like A Rockstar," have also announced a new EP due January of the coming year. As a huge fan myself, and a friend of many fans, I can safely say, all of us are very excited, and that is definitely an understatement.

"Like A Rockstar" by Chase Atlantic

"You Too" by Chase Atlantic

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Reviews of Newest Chase Atlantic Music
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