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Rihanna Takes Revenge On Love

After several disappointments, the Barbadian beauty finally finds the perfect man for her.


Rihanna (29) finally found love. The Barbadian beauty fell in love with Hassan Jameel (29), a Saudi mogul. Before finding the perfect man for her, RiRi suffered many disappointments of love. The majority of her romances have been short, without depth and very much promoted by the international press. All that was in the past, since the pop star found affectionate stability in an important businessman.

Chris Brown (28)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was the worst disappointment in the life of Rihanna. The rapper savagely beat the singer, earning the hatred of the whole world. From now on, the musician will be designated as a criminal who enjoys hitting women.

Karim Benzema (29)

Karim Benzema

The pop star and the French soccer star dated for a month. RiRi told Benzema that she could not forget Chris Brown, although she recognizes that the athlete is a good and healthy guy. After their separation, Benzema started dating American model Analicia Chaves.

Rob Kardashian (30)

Rob Kardashian

It was rumored that Rihanna was dating Rob Kardashian; he always liked women like her, since Rihanna is famous, beautiful and talented. The Kardashian sisters would have loved to have a sister- in- law as stunning as Rihanna. After they hooked up, they realized that they had nothing in common. Shortly after, Rob started dating Blac Chyna and became parents to a baby girl called Dream.

Lewis Hamilton (32)

Lewis Hamilton

The "Diamonds" hitmaker and the F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton had a brief romance after he separated from Nicole Scherzinger (39). The athlete could never forget Scherzinger, and RiRi could never bear it. Today, the Barbadian beauty and Hamilton enjoy a beautiful friendship.

Drake (30)


Drake and Rihanna tried to have a stable relationship but the intense work life they each have to balance became an obstacle to their romance. After their split, the rapper started another brief romance with Jennifer Lopez (47), but that relationship never worked. Then, the Bronx diva started dating the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez (41).

Hassan Jameel (29)

Riri and Hassan Jameel have been together for six months. He works in London for business and she constantly travels there to see him. The media discovered their romance because they were kissing in a pool in a hotel in Ibiza, without hiding it from anyone. RiRi's fans were so happy to see her so in love. However, some think that he is with her just to get attention; people speculate that he wants everyone talking about his dating a goddess, just as was supposedly the case with his romance with supermodel Naomi Campbell (47). The singer and the mogul are strengthening their relationship, without ruling out a possible marriage. 

Rihanna and Selena Gomez (25) have something in common: both fell in love again after a great failure of love. Everyone thought that Selena never recovered from her breakup with Justin Bieber (23). Fortunately, it was not so, the Texas native is now crazy in love with The Weeknd (27), the current number one musician in the world. They have a perfect relationship and already think about getting married. Her fans were happy that the singer had definitely forgotten Bieber. Gomez suffered depression, anxiety, and lupus last year, but when she met The Weeknd she recovered her health because she found the perfect balance in her life.

Rihanna suffered domestic violence with rapper Chris Brown, resulting in physical and psychological consequences. After this disastrous relationship, the pop star could not have a healthy relationship. One day she met Hassan Hameel, a Saudi billionaire, and everything changed forever. Hameel is dedicated to global investments and has nothing to do with showbiz. RiRi is crazy about him and many fear that he is dating with her to show off. The truth is that, so far, Hameel treats the singer very well, and fits into her life well given that he has business all over the planet.

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Rihanna Takes Revenge On Love
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