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Roger Jaeger Rides An Elevator

Pop Music That Inspires

Roger Jaeger seems to have found a way to blend together the sounds of the radio pop rock you hear each day on commercials and walking through the grocery store with a more outside the normal pop atmosphere sound. It’s kind of like college rock meets pop rock. It’s sensible, sounds good, is different, but has that Top 40 vibe nonetheless. Jaeger hails from Oklahoma and “Elevator” is a track from his third album, ‘Start Over.’

According to his bio, Jaeger spent some time living abroad in India, and it was there that his music took on a new sound. Something that blended his Coldplay-like musical sound with some more eastern musical influences, his sound has also been lead by country influences, but this is not as evident in his music (as of late anyway). It seems he even adopted a love for the sitar at while in India.

Watch the "Elevator" music video:

His most recent release from ‘Start Over’ is “Elevator.” I really enjoyed this video, as well as the song itself, for its inspiring portrayal of what we can all do with our lives. The video begins with Jaeger getting on an elevator. It fills up with people, but then everyone else gets off and a concert ensues on the roof of the building. From there Jaeger seems to travel the globe. Whether adventure in traveling or just in life in general is what inspires you, this song will help get you moving toward your future.

“Elevator” is both an inspiring song and an adventurous one, and I feel like Jaeger did a good job letting his music video tell the story. It’s a feel-good song that will stick in your head. It has a good sound that is definitely catchy.

As you’ve likely read in previous reviews of mine, I am not normally one to judge a singer or band by one song (even if I like that one song). Luckily, Jaeger has some other songs off this same album available on his Soundcloud page, so I took some time to check them out.

“Start Over”, the title track of this third effort by Jaeger, is a slow tune that kind of has an R&B blend to it, somewhat. It is a really good song and will evoke some pretty powerful feelings if you listen closely to it. Who hasn’t wished they could just start over from time to time? His sitar makes a great appearance in this song as well, you’ll fall in love with that sound. I liked this song even more than the first one, but mainly because it was more laid back.

He also has a duet, of sorts, “Just Wanna Meet You.” This song really gives you a chance to hear Jaeger’s voice, and how beautiful it is. The female vocals have a little twang to them which makes this song feel like it could almost be a country cross-over.

I also took a moment to listen to “Okay.” I enjoyed the mellow intro to this song. Even when the drums join in it still stays more a slow song, something you could dance with your loved one to. It’s kind of a sad song, but it’s also inspirational. Jaeger definitely has a knack for lyrics. I really enjoyed this one as well as his other songs.

Whether you’re a fan of pop music or adult contemporary, I really feel like you’ll enjoy these songs. They are well written and well played. Not only will you be able to feel inspiration from the lyrics, but Jaeger has an amazing voice, no matter what note he’s singing. If “Elevator” is not your thing, please take a moment to listen to some of these other songs while you’re on his YouTube channel.

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Roger Jaeger Rides An Elevator
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