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Ryan Human Makes Awesome Music

“Be Awesome” and give it a listen.

The end of April 2018, Ryan Human has his debut album hitting the internet. In 2016, he released his first solo EP, which got this Lincoln, NE, guy some acknowledgment for his unique and quirky alt-pop stylings.

The first track, "Be Awesome,” from the upcoming album, is now available to listen to on Soundcloud, and there’s a video for this track on YouTube as well.

Check out 'Be Awesome.'

This video offers a simple look at a song that is every bit carried by Human’s vocal talents and skills as a pianist. This is such a subtly uplifting song, and it speaks volumes to self-love and confidence. I love that Human keeps it simple on the song and on the music to go along with his singing—the vocals and lyrics are not drowned out by too much background noise.

While “Be Awesome” is one of the stand-out tracks on this album, it’s not the only song that spoke to me as I gave these nine tracks a listen.

“Chasing Stars” has a free sound that reminded me of the 80s for some reason. Like “Be Awesome,” it is a song driven by Human’s talent at those ivory keys. This song has an anthemic feel to it. It’s a song that will make you want to get up and chase down the things that you want in life. Human’s lyrics are mellow, yet provoking; they make you want to do what he’s saying in the songs he’s singing. It’s like he’s talking to your soul.

“Gonna Be OK” definitely tells a story. I found it difficult to not listen to this track, like keeping my full attention on it. The drum track is mesmerizing. I feel like this song could be great for a light meditation. “I’m gonna be okay.” Don’t we all need to remind ourselves that from time to time? Plus, if you stick with this mellow track, you’ll find a pretty stellar guitar solo just waiting to whisk you off your feet.

“Days Will Come” is another track that stood out to me. This song has such a melancholy vibe to it, even though the lyrics aren’t completely sad or depressing. It’s the piano, I believe, that gives it this deep, dark sound. There’s something epic about the lyrics, and then there's that piano solo. Even the birds chirping outside my window on a cold, rainy, blustery day seems to fit the melody at play here.

I want to compare Human’s music to something you’ve listened to, but I find it hard to pinpoint anything specific, as he truly has a sound all his own. Sometimes I feel like I hear a little Springsteen in there, the mellow side of Springsteen, that is. But not really.

“My Embrace” is a love song. It’s a song of freedom and joy, but about having a connection with another person as well. I love the upbeat sound of this song. 

“Hey baby, are you listening? We’re not gonna get any younger. It’s only me and you.” 

Beautiful, and oh so true. For anyone that’s ever experienced love, this song will speak to you.

“With You” is a song about standing by that person that means everything to you, or that’s what I take from the lyrics. “I’ll still be here; I’ll still be here with you.” Go after what you need, what you want, but know that the people that matter will always be there for you, no matter how far your adventure takes you.

I dug everything about this album. Human’s music is glorious and inspiring. 

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Ryan Human Makes Awesome Music
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