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September 2018 Playlist

A Playlist

Currents - Tame Impala (2015)

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and a huge part in how I find and express myself. I make Spotify playlists every month, and have for a little over two years now, and those playlists prove to be mini musical time capsules to document my feelings throughout a month; a reminder of what my life was like during a certain time. The playlists aren’t always necessarily filled with new releases, but more so new albums and musicians I have stumbled upon that resonate with me.

September proved to be an interesting month—even down to the last days. These albums are all about change and growing up; a perfect soundtrack to the start of my senior year, college app season, and discovering myself and where I stand in my life.

And without further ado, I present a rundown and recap of my September 2018 playlist.

'Currents' – Tame Impala (2015)

Tame Impala’s third and most recent album, Currents is most easily described as a psychedelic pop autobiography. Kevin Parker wrote all the lyrics, and kept them purely autobiographical. The album has a more synth based, dance along vibe to it, but it doesn’t lose the psychedelic sound of their previous albums.

I fell in love with Currents amidst a breakup, and how the music was able to transport me to another world. The lyrics are relatable, about growing up and reflecting on life’s changes, but R&B mixed with electropop synth is the star of the album. Tame Impala released Currents B-Side & Remixes in 2017, two years after the initial release of the album, and features three new songs and two remixes.

Favorite Songs: “Yes I'm Changing,” “Eventually,” “New Person, Same Old Mistakes,” “The Less I Know The Better,” “’Cause I'm A Man”

'Modern Vampires of the City' – Vampire Weekend (2013)

Modern Vampires of the City became my favorite discover of the month, and became gateway to my newfound obsession with Vampire Weekend. I love the indie rock feel of it all, and how it seems so delicate yet so straightforward. The band wrote and composed this third album after riding down the fame and success from their previous album, Contra.

The lyrics deal with the somberness of growing into adulthood and the disillusionment of the world, and in part, deal with faith and morality. The music doesn’t take away from the lyrics, and the lyrics don’t overshadow the music; it’s all done in a beautiful moderation that makes the album one to grow to. Modern Vampires of the City is Vampire Weekend’s newest album, and after a multiyear hiatus, there are rumors of a new album being released later in 2018.

Favorite Songs: “Everlasting Arms,” “Hannah Hunt,” “Step,” “Obvious Bicycle,” “Young Lion”

'My Mind Makes Noises' – Pale Waves (2018)

Including a mix of previously released songs and a handful of new ones, My Mind Makes Noises is Pale Waves’ debut album, and a good jump from their EPs to a full length album. Formed while the members were still in university, they were signed to Dirty Hit in 2017, and proceeded to start released singles under them.

The members are still young, which is reflected in the darker pop songs about growing up and being vulnerable and in love. The indie pop rock feel flows throughout the album, switching between songs to dance to and songs to cry to. My Mind Makes Noises is an impactful first album—and a perfect one to dance to as your world comes crashing down around you.

Favorite Songs: “Loveless Girl,” “She,” “When Did I Lose It All,” “Television Romance,” “Karl (I Wonder What It’s Like To Die)”

Those albums have shaped my September, and in part shaped who I was. Welcome to my mind.

September 2018

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September 2018 Playlist
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