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September 2nd, 2017 Concert

The Best Concert of My Life!

September 2,2017 

Man, where do I start?! This tour was so amazing! It was like something I have never seen! I mean like honestly, let me tell you! I have never ever been to the Honda Civic Center since I lived here in California for 5 years. My friend suggested me to go, since they had gotten their tickets. This concert was so amazing. I took my father with me because I did not wanna go alone. So we drove to Anaheim. So when we got there they gave us this pamphlet that had all the tour dates and the long journey they went on their whole tour; we also got t-shirts. I really never know how fun concerts can be. My family and I don't go to a concert very often at all. This was the first one I have actually been to. I would do this again and again because this was so fun and amazing! While going to the concert my dad was playing One Republic songs and even on the way back home! I think my dad had really fun. He would not stop playing songs from One Republic songs for weeks on end!

They also had a photo of James Arthur, the X Factor winner. They also had a photo of the Fitz and the Tantrums. And then my dad and I found our seats as soon as we figured out where we sit. We saw the people making the sets and putting them on the stage while James Arthur was getting ready to get on the stage and then he came on. He sang, "Say You Won't Let Me Go," "Impossible," "I Am," "Sermon," and "Can I Be Him." And then after a little bit, we got a break in between so we went to get food and drinks. So then here comes the set of Fitz and and the Tantrums; they had so many songs to play like "Get Right Back," "Spark," Out of My League," "Break the Walls," "MoneyGrabber," "Complicated," "Fool," and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and that was a Eurythmics cover and plenty of more songs. 

Then we did a drum roll (whole stadium) and here came One Republic. Their whole set was like amazing. They played "Kids," "Stop and Stare," "Apologize," "Halo," " Good Life," "Counting Stars," "All The Right Moves," "Let's Hurt Tonight," and "Rumor Has It" (with the Fitz and Tantrums) and we found out that "Apologize" came out 10 years ago in 2007 which is why they came back to Honda Center because it was released ago and they wanted this show to be different from all shows. So they were trying new stuff like covers from songs they made and other artist made it sound so much better even though it was written for them they played it on the piano and it was something I had never seen. 

Here are some things: the reason why One Republic did not make music for a while he said, “For the first time in 10 years, we pulled the plug on everything and went home and were human beings, boyfriends, husbands, dads, and sons.” Though the band is originally from Colorado Springs, Southern California has served as a second home for OneRepublic. The band even picked up two Orange County natives for its line-up, drummer Eddie Fischer, who grew up in Mission Viejo, and bassist and cellist, Brent Kutzle who lives in Newport Beach. And this is why they love California because most of the band is from California. They so had this set of a Spanish Guitarist. And I can't tell you enough of how beautiful that guitar sounded! 

So at the end of this concert, I went to bed all peacefully and I was so happy I went to a concert and fulfilled something that was on my bucket list! Then I realized I couldn't hear for a few days! I was like yeah this is what a good concert does, it blows people's ears apart! Haha!