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Shaken Not Twerked: Beyonce In Talks To Sing 'Bond 25' Song

Say his name, say his name, because 007's next theme song could be about to get a "bootylicious" makeover from a certain queen of pop.

[Credit: Instagram @beyonce]

Say his name, say his name, because 007's next theme song could be about to get a "bootylicious" makeover from a certain queen of pop. We already know that Daniel Craig will be back as the sharp-shooting secret agent, but he could have a rather famous (not so) "single lady" in tow if Beyoncé Knowles-Carter decides to whip out her diamond-encrusted microphone for #Bond25.

Bey-ond Bond

According to the Daily Star, the 35-year-old met with Bond song alumni Adele and has already been in talks with MGM producers to sing the opening song. What's more, MGM may even look to secure Beyoncé's hubby Jay-Z to work alongside her:

“The two spoke before Bey’s first meeting with film bosses and Adele told her how co-writing and performing a Bond theme gave her an amazing career hike. Not many of the themes have been as successful – but there are tens of millions of Beyoncé fans out there.”

It is hard to imagine Jay-Z's rap influence hitting the right notes with die-hard Bond fans, but Queen Bey's influence could be just what No. 25 needs. As one of the biggest women in music, what better way is there to celebrate such a milestone in the franchise? After some worrying times of uncertainty that even Craig himself might not return to his fifth turn as the dashing secret agent, Bond 25 looks to be back on track to deliver a sleeper hold to the rest of the box office competition. Sure, previous Craig era director Sam Mendes may be out, but having Beyoncé sign on would be the olive in the martini.

While it may usually be the fairer sex who serenade 007, let's not also forget the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duran Duran, and Sam Smith have all sung title songs. There is a long line of stellar Bond songs — sorry, not yours, Madge — so alongside Shirley Bassey and the aforementioned Adele, Beyoncé would be one of the biggest divas to put her voice to 007.

There has already been a lot of debate over a female Bond, and while that is causing more than a little controversy, Yoncé could certainly add a woman's touch to proceedings. Elsewhere, the "Halo" singer has also been linked to Jon Favreau's live-action Lion King, so who knows whether any of the above will actually come true.

The Bond back catalogue definitely has some highs and lows, but in recent years we have seen those titular theme songs break into popular culture much more than they have in the past. Us edgy millennials could certainly get on board with "the name's Carter, Mrs. Carter." Bond may prefer a Vesper martini, but this is one songstress who probably prefers a cool glass of "Lemonade."

(Source: Daily Star)

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Shaken Not Twerked: Beyonce In Talks To Sing 'Bond 25' Song
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