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Showing Love to a New Artist, Kathana

You need to listen to "Show Me Love" by Kathana!

There has been a wave of new artists lately, but one in particular who has been making quite an impression on music lovers is Kathana. The duo of Katie who is the singer/songwriter and Chris who is the producer behind the tunes has left an impressive mark on the industry so far with their newest release "Show Me Love." This is the catchiest song that will definitely leave you in your feels. In this interview, we talk to Kathana about what it's like being an artist and so much more!

Amanda: You recently came out with a new song, “Show Me Love.” What was it like writing and recording that song?

Kathana: “Show Me Love” first started as an assignment for a Berklee Online songwriting class. At the time, my sister was going through relationship issues, and it reminded me of what I have been through, so the story came naturally to me. I didn’t want it to be a sad sounding song, but rather a playful catchy song that people can relate to but still dance to. I wrote my lyrics as if I were explaining my thoughts and feelings to this person who I wanted reassurance from. When I first laid down the vocal tracks, I had a cold and was really congested, but still had to meet my deadline for the assignment, so I worked at it take after take, pausing to cough just about every few seconds. But it’s funny that it worked out like that, because after listening back to the assignment, I liked the song so much I wanted to release it as a single, and actually liked how my voice sounded for the chorus. So I kept my original vocal takes when my producer Chris and I started working on the mix to release it as our first official single. This was our first serious project together, so we spent a lot of late nights working out the details and even started completely from the beginning of the mix a few times to get it right. It was definitely stressful at times but it was a great learning experience for us too.

How do you find yourself to be different from other artists today?

I try to connect with my audience on a genuine level, both through my music and my public outreach. It’s one thing for my fans to relate to my lyrics but I think reaching out to them and spreading positivity and sincerity is a huge part of who I am as an artist. Of course I want people to dance and enjoy the moment while listening to my music, but what’s equally important is that my audience can know that there is nothing wrong with feeling their emotions deeply through good and bad times. I also want to help raise awareness for unhealthy relationships and keeping peace of mind.

What got you into writing music?

I’ve always loved to sing since I was very young, and for the longest time, I just sang covers for enjoyment. But I started writing my own songs to get my emotions out. Songwriting became like therapy for me, and even helped me feel my happiness more deeply. After stressful situations, songwriting helped me direct my mind toward more creative and constructive thinking. Overall, writing music became the most effective way for me to express my emotions.

What gives you motivation when you write music?

Strong emotional experiences fuel my creativity. All aspects of love, whether it’s heartbreak, unhealthy situations, or pure joy all play a part in my writing, as well as the new perspectives I take on life as I learn more about myself through self-development and reflection

Describe a day in the life of Kathana.

I’m currently working through my junior year at Berklee College of Music Online, so I do homework and read through lessons in songwriting and music production. I love staying organized so I write a lot of to-do lists. In the morning, I take time for personal care, which involves yoga, working out, and playing freely on the piano. After my morning routine I’ll go on social media to check out other artists, connect with others, and to share sneak peeks of upcoming songs. The rest of my day is spent in the studio with Chris working on new music. We basically live in our little studio. I like to dance when I need a break from working on music. Dancing really helps me stay energized.

Describe the lineup of a show that you would love to be a part of.

Foster the People, Max Frost, Coast Modern, and Joywave!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Chris and I have quite a few more original songs on the way! We are also working hard to put out covers of popular songs between our own releases. I also have some exciting collaborations with some other incredible artists coming out soon!

There you have it, people. Stay tuned for what's in store for Kathana!

"Show Me Love" is on Spotify now!

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Showing Love to a New Artist, Kathana
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