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Singer/Songwriter Struggles

An Insight into an Aspiring Musician's Brain

A singer/songwriter by definition is a person who sings and writes professional songs/music. Many people think that to be a musician is an easy job or a hobby, and for some people it may be; however for my fellow professional musicians reading this, we know that music is so much more than a hobby and is in no way "easy" to produce. 

I myself am a singer/songwriter aspiring to the professional level. Writing new songs is something I look forward to but it isn't just novel writers that can be held captive by writers block, songwriters get it too and believe me it is a nightmare! I currently have this issue with a song I am writing at the moment, the melody is beautiful, if I do say so myself, however, the lyrics elude me. I know what I want to say but actually putting it onto paper is much, much harder than anticipated. 

There are ways of overcoming writer's block. You can let it pass and proceed to do other things with your time and let the words come to by chance or there is more skilled way of escaping your writers block. Going back to basics is always a good idea, following a simple step guide to put your mind back in the drivers seat and slowly start to unclog your brain. I have found a specific website exceptionally helpful when coming back to basics. The source is "ditto," it provides information all about song writing and advice from some very well known artists. My favourite "how to" from this source is "How to write a song. 10 song writing tips from the pros' The 10 points are as follows. 

  1. Where to start writing your song
  2. Lyrics matter
  3. Record any spur of the moment inspiration
  4. Write from experience
  5. Collaborate with other musicians
  6. Keep it simple and build on it
  7. Make sure to take breaks
  8. Don't overthink it
  9. Ask for feedback
  10. Don't be afraid to fail

More information can be found here

These tips are amazing material for aspiring musicians/singers/songwriters or even people just looking to better their hobby. Having the ability to be a musician is a wonderful privilege, we can have a voice that not everyone gets to have. It allows us to reach people not only with written word but with melody. My songs often relate to mental health issues. The purpose of my music is to help people better their mental health, help people who don't have it understand it and help provide comfort for people like myself that have suffered and do suffer with it day in and out.

For any aspiring singer/songwriters or musicians reading this I hope you achieve to the highest of your abilities. I hope you grow to love the advice pages as much as I do and I hope you find what you've been looking for out of your music. 

For anyone thinking about pursuing music it is so worth it!   

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Singer/Songwriter Struggles
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