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Small Band, Big Impression

The House on Cliff

From left to right: Chad (Vocals) Bill (Bassist) Marc (Drummer) Charles (Guitarist)

The House on Cliff is a classic rock band bringing that old-time feel to new age music. With a fan base that stretches from children all the way up to grandmothers, how do these guys still manage to fall under the radar? With less than 10,000 followers across their social media platforms, it is a mystery as to how a band so good can be loved by so few. From their incredible instrumental talent to the striking and powerful vocals of lead singer Chad Michael Jervis, not to mention their unique writing content, amazing videos to corroborate, and killer covers all found on their YouTube profile and across music sharing and streaming services alike, these guys should definitely grace your playlist at some point in the near future. Touring consistently through the midwestern United States, with sparse shows thrown about in other locations on mainland US and across the pond in places like Europe, usually for around $15 and under, it would be a mistake to avoid one of their live shows. I’ll admit, I saw them for the first time at a throw-away variety show four years ago, and before they even began to play their personalities had me intrigued. Marc, also known lovingly as Goob to their fans, is an easily excitable and friendly giant of a man, clocking in well over six feet tall, that puts his heart and soul into every crash of a symbol and beat of his drums. Bill, known briefly on twitter as “daddy” and for consistently forgetting articles of clothing onstage is a true wild child, boasting not just his long rockstar mane, but also his killer bass guitar skills and knowledge on how to always have a good time. Charles, lead guitarist and arguably most freckled member of THOC, shreds his guitar strings like there is no tomorrow, playing each set as if it were the last time. And last but certainly not least, there is Chad, a self-proclaimed ballerina (after one shot too many, of course) that puts his all into his voice. Slaying everything from Rihanna to The Animals, his powerhouse vocals sew up this foursome into the striking and memorable band their fans, young and old, flock to see. Still currently unsigned, the band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in the fall of 2014, fans everywhere thanking Berklee College of Music for bringing the guys together. Numerous national tours and a handful of song releases later, The House on Cliff has been awarded the Limelight award for best band, circa 2015, and best in MA in 2016. Sticking close to managers Peggy and Olivia Iafrate, each venture is more and more successful, with their band gaining more notoriety and fans at every turn. With the chops to be as big as they can possibly dream, and loyal fans at the ready to spread their name all across many a country, it is a wonder why the big times have not come calling for them yet. In due time, I believe they will, as it would be a shame to see such talent fly under the radar forever. If I haven’t managed to convince you with this droning on, their music truly does speak for itself. Below I have linked their latest music video “Demon Days” which premiered shortly before the new year, as well as their socials so you can see for yourself.

“Demon Days” Official Music Video -

— Band —

Twitter - thehouseoncliff

Instagram - thehouseoncliff

Facebook - thehouseoncliff 

Website - thehouseoncliff 

— Marc —

Twitter - @GoobPolit

Instagram - @Marc_Polit

— Bill —

Twitter - @billiamkory

Instagram - @williamplaysbass

— Charles —

Twitter - @scharlescoleman

Instagram - @charlescoleman2

— Chad —

Twitter - @chadmjervis

Instagram - @chadmjervis

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Small Band, Big Impression
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