Songs Every Angsty Millennial Listened To

Every angsty Millennial listened to songs that dared to push boundaries and did not conform.

There are many songs that were released during the Millennial era, but the ones that angsty youths listened to were a chosen few. Being different was the basis of being a Millennial. To grow up or be born in the age of changing tides caused so much confusion, which gave way to angst as these kids hit puberty. Music was a way to express themselves. No one quite did it like rock bands. They dared to push the boundaries and did not conform. For that reason, these are the songs angsty Millennials had to have on their iPod.

Cute Without the E by Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has always expressed how this song spoke to different emotions they felt in their youth. With the Fight Club-esque video, this was truly a song for the Millennial teen or child. The song was particularly unique because each band member contributed to it.

Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

Originally written as an acoustic version for another album, this song resonated with so many people who listened to it.

Young love was always so innocent and full of bliss, and this song did a good job of capturing that feeling of the perfect date.

Miserable At Best by Mayday Parade

Almost every Millennial listened to this song when they were going through a breakup. Leaving someone is almost as hard as being on the receiving end. We all cried to this song when we couldn't let go of that one person we still loved. The song was part of one of Mayday Parade's best albums, which got nominated for MTV awards.

Seventy Times 7 by Brand New

Sometimes fall outs are not always between couples. There are times when it's your best friend who pissed you off. Most people do not know that one of the members of the group had an affair with the lead singer's girlfriend. This song expresses the despair that comes with disappointment and a broken heart.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Have you ever loved someone so much that you wished you could be with them even after death? This song expressed all of the emotions that Millennials thought should encompass true love. It didn't matter if it was heaven or hell, as long as they were together forever.

All Hail the Heartbreaker by The Spill Canvas

Another sad yet happy song. This song expresses how we all sometimes feel an overwhelming sense of anger even in the midst of love. The love-hate dynamic is common in most relationships. What better song for an angsty Millennial to bump to when they have this unexplainable feeling.

Only One by Yellowcard

From the album One for the Kids, this song was simple and straight forward. It took guts to express your feelings to someone back in the day. Before the era of online dating, you had to face someone in person. This was a fine way for a Millennial to get their message across.

The Taste of Ink by The Used

This song was all about savoring every great moment in life. Some people interpreted it to be about the lead singer's drug experience. Either way, it was what every angsty Millennial listened to when they had a party or bonfire.

I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance

This is one of the songs that pushed My Chemical Romance to the top of rock bands list. The song was an anthem among Millennials. We all needed a song to sing along to when things were not okay.

Ohio Is for Lovers by Hawthorne Heights

No one likes to leave their loved ones behind due to work. The song is often referred to as the emo anthem. It was the band's signature song back in 2004 when it was released. The video airplay on MTV gave it additional success, having it chart number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Sugar, We're Going Down by Fallout Boy

Though this song was released in 2005, it was recorded in 2004. It propelled the band into the mainstream audience when it reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also ranked number four on every angsty Millennial's favorite website, Blenders list of 100 greatest songs, in 2005.

Misery Business by Paramore

The band's first song to go triple platinum in the US was from their second studio album. Before we all couldn't stop singing along to the next released "Crush Crush Crush," we sang along to this song. The band's lead singer is a feminist, despite singing this song. The song charted at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

Every angsty Millennial jammed to this song in the summer of 2008 and the seasons that followed. It peaked to the hot 100 list on the billboard after massive airplay. The song was released as a digital download. Every angsty Millennial girl wanted to be the subject of this song at one point. A girl who was is impossible to find.

Tiger Lily by Matchbook Romance

This song was released in 2003 from the album Stories and Alibis.

The song speaks to how we can know someone for a short time but have them affect us forever and the pain that comes with having to let certain moments go. This song was relatable to any angsty Millennial and that made it an instant hit.

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Songs Every Angsty Millennial Listened To
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