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Songs With a Yellow Theme

Songs That Include 'Yellow' In the Title

Yellow is often used in phrases in songs. Whether it is sung metaphorically, literally, or randomly, you will be sure to hear the color in a couple of your favorites. Similar to blue, it is used to express emotions and capture different feelings; whether it is representing happiness, peacefulness, sadness, or nothing at all, it always plays to a certain theme.

Here are a couple of songs with the color yellow as a common theme, all of which could possibly be your next favorite tune.

'Yellow' - Coldplay

"Oh what a thing to do, 'cause you were all yellow"

Released in 2000 in one of their best known albums, Parachutes, "Yellow" by Coldplay is one of the most popular songs by this infamous alternative rock band. The lead singer of the band, Chris Martin, originally took the song as a joke. After first hearing the melody, he repeated it to the rest of the band using an impersonation of Neil Young. According to the drummer of the band, the song originally began much slower, making it sound like a Neil Young song. He admitted on The Howard Stern Show that the word "yellow" in the song has no underlying meaning whatsoever; he just threw the word in there and actually attempted to change it at one point, but yellow "just sounded right." He laughed and told Stern, "I like you, Howard, so that's the first time I've ever told anyone the truth behind 'Yellow'."

'Yellow' - Kevin Abstract

"If the trees were yellow, that would cure my heartbreak"

A less popular artist in the music industry, Kevin Abstract released this song, "Yellow," 16 days before the release of his debut album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. It is rumored, but has never been confirmed, that the color yellow in the song signifies the feeling of hope and goodness that comes in the fall, or the warm, happy feeling that comes with the summer. The track also seems to speak of a long distance relationship and the longing that comes with it. This is a melancholic song reminiscing about times when the singer felt "yellow," with a feel-good tune that perfectly captures the feeling and vibes of the color itself. 

'Yellow Lights' - Harry Hudson

"Meet me under yellow lights, we’re burning through these yellow lights"

"Yellow Lights" by Harry Hudson is a smooth, romantic song that induces deep thinking about love and life itself. It is a song that anyone that has ever been in love before, or in a relationship, can relate to. Hudson revealed the meaning behind the lyrics in the song, via Genius, commenting, "There are so many 'yellow lights' moments in a relationship. It represents the point in time when you’re forced to go all in or stop everything completely." He ended the song with asking the question, "What would you do if I died before you? Would you sing about me like I sing about you?" He stated that he wanted to ask something that would make others think. "That's really the ultimate test of love," he said. 

'Yellow Love' - Citizen

"All I see is yellow in the spring air, how beautifully the color worked itself in"

The second to last track from their second album released in 2015, Everybody Is Going to Heaven, "Yellow Love" by Citizen is a song with a soft melody and short yet meaningful lyrics. Despite only having 15 lines of lyrics, the three-minute recording will hit you hard and have you wondering when you'll find your own yellow love. The true symbolism behind the color in the track has never been confirmed, leaving the heartfelt ballad open to interpretation. The song seems to talk about a summer romance between two lovers that are running out of time. Other fans speculate that it may represent depression. This song is perfect to listen on a relaxing spring or summer night, and will have you thinking about loving before it is too late.

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Songs With a Yellow Theme
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