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Jessica Jolia16 days ago
"Having strong enemies is a blessing." As if taken straight from the closing chapter of an autobiography, the chilling statement would soon become the late rapper's final Tweet. Though Hussle previous...
Jessica Jolia19 days ago
But First, Me
Growing up is hard to do, especially when you're late to the party. Born nearly two weeks beyond my mother's due date, I guess I should have seen that coming from the very beginning. Though I've alway...
Emily Adamsa month ago
10 Songs by Inspiring Women
While there has recently been a palpable shift in how the world views feminism, it isn't a new concept. Women's Marches were entirely different animals 100 years ago, there was often an element of dan...
Sarah Loyda month ago
The Top Ten Best One-Hit Wonders from the 1980s
The 80s probably had the most one-hit wonders in music history. It also had the most iconic novelty acts and singles. In honor of the big and crazy 80s, I made a top 10 list of the decade's best one-h...
Nathan Sartain2 months ago
Sik-K – 'FL1P' Album Review
Right now, it’s hard to find a rapper more interesting than Sik-K. Evolving his style magnificently over the course of his career, the South-Korean has gone from strength to strength with each passing...
Shandi Pace2 months ago
How The Beatles Helped Heal America's Broken Heart
Almost everyone that was alive at the time can recall when, where, and what they were doing when President John F. Kennedy was shot riding in his motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas. Only t...
Amanda Gabrielle2 months ago
Showing Love to a New Artist, Kathana
There has been a wave of new artists lately, but one in particular who has been making quite an impression on music lovers is Kathana. The duo of Katie who is the singer/songwriter and Chris who is th...
Joshua Coase3 months ago
Under the Radar: 5 Tracks Released in January That You Need to Hear
It's been a good start to the year for new music and some great new talent is emerging. Here are my top five picks for tracks that you need to hear from artists that you may not know.
Veronica Williams3 months ago
Prince: 'Piano and a Microphone 1983' (A Review)
Prince said it himself: "I will not be here when the vault is opened." Sure enough, Piano & A Microphone was released by the NPG Records/Warner Bros. presses, and my dearly purple beloved is not here....