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Straight Six's 'Full Circle'

Ready for the raw hard rock of the 80s again?

Have you been longing for some real rock again? I’m talking about the stuff from the 80s and early 90s—the hard rock that made you play air guitar and fall in love in the back seat of your parent's car. It was sometimes raunchy, but always rocking. Well, Denver’s Straight Six is just what you’re looking for if you miss the days of Skid Row, Jackyl, and the myriad of other rock metal bands we all swooned over back in my younger days. They are hard-hitting, balls to the wall rock n’ roll, dirty and gritty and fueled by hot women and blazing guitars.

They released Full Circle in October, and it's a rock album full of wonderful surprises.

"Aimed At Me" starts this album off just how you’d expect a rock album such as I described above to start. The singer has that rock star falsetto down, and you can expect lots of guitars and guts from this song (and the entire album).

So many bands were popping into my head as I gave this album a listen. It’s a tight collection of serious rock… and was that cowbell I heard?

"Middle Of The Ride" has a bluesy rock tune, ala Great White. The singer is smooth with the lyrics, and the words flow effortlessly from his controlled rocker's voice. The songs are cool—and so far they’re all about the ladies (playing right into that vintage hard rock 80s feel). Really grooving to the beat of this one.

"Back Home" intros with a killer guitar riff. I hear a lot of BulletBoys influence in this band too… so much of all of the bands I’ve mentioned. A couple of decades back there was an “80s revival” band, Hair Of The Dog, that had this same kind of sound (miss those guys, seriously). I think I could dig this band as much as I loved those guys (of course, I got to meet and hang out with those guys—that won’t happen in this case… but I digress). "Back Home" has kind of a mellow sound because of the lyrics. Listen.

"Joneser’s Lane" touches on the drugs aspect of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. It is one of those cautionary tale songs—which was common on rock albums of the past. It also has a pretty damn powerful guitar solo.

I knew that sooner or later there would have to be that romantic slow song, and I found it. Damn, I love that this crew really made some killer throwback tunes and stayed with the album formula of those days. "What Would I Give" is your typical hard rock love song. “I’d give the world to be with you.”

"Old Rock Road" is my favorite track on this ten track album. It’s got everything in it I love, and the 80s vibe is so pure in this one.

I am surprisingly impressed with this album and wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t all catching these guys on tours with some of the bands that are still around from the original days of the music Straight Six is bringing back to life.

You can grab a copy of this killer album on Bandcamp. It’s available as a digital download, as well as on compact disc and vinyl.

I’ve been writing music reviews professionally for almost two decades—my love of music knows no genre. If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal/Beat. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to come across something you like.

I also write a plethora of other topics—from horror movie reviews to tips on being a better writer. Check out my main profile page for links to all of the articles that I’ve written for Vocal.

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Straight Six's 'Full Circle'
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