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Summa's Body of Work

Rising Rap Artist's New Single, "Blow," Dropping April 13th

Summa prepares to release her first streaming single "Blow."

I never saw myself as a sex symbol before. I mean I always loved feeling sexy. And yes, there are tons of pros and cons to being such. I am a very strong minded black woman who cares. That’s the gist of it all.

It's the middle of spring and we're waiting for that change of season. Summa is coming early. No, it's not a typo, we're talking about the rap artist Summa, whose single, "Blow," is set to be released April 13.

I met this rap artist over a decade ago when she was an undersized, but tough high school basketball talent. Well that hooper has grown into a talented voluptuous woman who is making crowds scream at her rhyme skills, style, and sex appeal. Get ready for lots of warm and sunny days ahead, because Summa is gonna be pleasant in 2019.

Winners Only: In reality most of the world has yet to familiarize themselves with you. Who is Summa?

Summa: Summa is a songwriter and live performer who is soon to become an entrepreneur.

Now, when I met you, you were a hooper. What happened to that?

I still hoop. Some skills never leave. I will always have a passion for hooping, even more passionate for the professionals. However, Summa is my brand, and it’s the profession where I often test my mentality. I love writing.

You've got a single dropping on the 13th. Let's talk about it?

Of course. The song is called “Blow” produced by Eric Wilson [of Scratch Paper Productions]. The lyrical approach is like no other, and the beat is like no other.

Okay, so get a little deeper. What separates it from the pack. What's gonna grab me like no other lyrics and beat has before?

The way my voice projects onto the mic, and rides the drums is crazy. This song tells a story without telling a story. There’s definitely a tone set for one to perceive.

Eric Wilson has been around in Cleveland for a while working with lots of artists. What is it about him that keeps artists coming his way?

Persistence, determination, and he can be very influential. He was like a mentor to me in my beginnings of hip-hop. I must add his off the top flow slaps.

Ok so, I got to go here. I saw you perform a few years back and you didn't have to say a word. The audience was mesmerized by your figure. You are very talented, but you're a bit of a sex symbol. Are there pros and cons to being seen as such? Does it mean anything to you at all?

Funny that you say that because I never saw myself as a sex symbol before. I mean I always loved feeling sexy. And yes, there are tons of pros and cons to being such. I am a very strong minded black woman who cares. That’s the gist of it all.

Like I would wake up and go to school with no intention to be dressed to impress, but when I have a photo shoot or something coming up, I ball all the way out. It’s complicated.

For those of us that love looking at you, will you be making a music video for "Blow?"

Yes, there will be a video to" Blow," and thanks for looking.

Let's talk about body positivity real quick. Thick and curvy girls are in these days. Have you always been confident about your body and what have you learned to appreciate most?

Food. I’ve learned how to appreciate food and be happy. I think it’s more about if you are gaining, rather than how and where you are losing. Diets aren’t just set for obese people, it is also for health, age, training, etc. Our size to us matters, because of someone else who has teased us or looked down upon us. I was teased about being so skinny. You know, loving yourself first is the only way you’ll be able to laugh with the jokes.

Summer is drawing near. That's a critical time for recording artists being that people tend to have more recreational time to consume their art. What will the summer of 2019 have in store for Summa?

Tour, music, merchandise, collaborations. Expanding the brand.

Will "Blow" be your primary song in 2019?

Only the future knows the answer to that. I will say that I am currently recording other material.

It's been great catching up with you. All the best with "Blow" and all that's to come.

Same to you, you've been doing this for so long. Much, much respect, and thank you.

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Summa's Body of Work
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