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Iris Webba day ago
Album a Day: Day One - 'TA1300' by Denzel Curry
Denzel Curry is a 23-year-old rapper from Carol City, Florida, mostly known for his meme hit, "Ultimate." Formerly a part of the since-disbanded rap group, Raider Clan, he has released three mixtapes ...
Lily Kristian2 days ago
'Red' by Taylor Swift: An Album I’ve Grown to Truly Understand with Age
I love every album Taylor Swift has released. In my eyes she has no “worst” album. However, if I’m being completely honest, when Taylor’s fourth album, Red, was released, I struggled to connect with i...
Griffin Racey4 days ago
Denzel Curry's 'TA13OO' Review
The father of the SoundCloud wave, Denzel Curry, returns, following last year's 13 EP and 2016's Imperial album with the three-part TA13OO. Broken up into "Light," "Gray," and "Dark" acts, Curry gives...
Metallica Albums: Worst to Best
Metallica is a band that has influenced musicians of all kinds for decades. Beginning with their debut album Kill ‘Em All in 1983, they have put out ten studio albums (aside from Garage Inc.), and the...
Silvana Cornell6 days ago
Joy Division, 'Unknown Pleasures' One of the Best Albums From 1979
I absolutely love music. I listen to it on my way to work, on my way home, while I write, and when I make art. One of my most favorite bands to listen to is Joy Division specifically; their most famou...
Ben Kharakh8 days ago
Albums You Need to Listen to in 2018
There are a lot of albums you need to listen to in 2018, which is great news! There have been great releases in hip-hop, pop, country-pop, R&B, and even rock. There have been first-time releases that ...
. Valentine .9 days ago
Deaf Havana - 'Rituals' Review
Deaf Havana, if you're not familiar, are a British rock band from Norfolk, England. They've been around since 2005 and in recent years have started to make the climb up the charts. As said themselves,...
Rap Disciple10 days ago
Mac Miller's 'Swimming' Review
Swimming or Drowning?
Chloe Gilholy11 days ago
'Babymetal' (2015)
Even though my days of Dooyoo and Ciao are long over, my passion for writing and music never left. Dooyoo's decision to stop paying for reviews kinda caused me to stop writing reviews for a while, but...
Rap Disciple11 days ago
YG - 'Stay Dangerous' Review
Can you say 'three-peat?'
Chloe Gilholy12 days ago
In my opinion, this is the best album from 2007. Although she may not have gathered much attention from her first record, her popularity nearly quadrupled with the release of her outstanding album, Gh...
Rap Disciple13 days ago
Travis Scott - 'Astroworld' Review
A New Kind of Amusement Park
Shelby Weimer14 days ago
All Six Maroon 5 Albums Ranked
Last week, I found myself in a deep conversation with my boyfriend about Maroon 5 and how their music has changed over the years. Of course he didn’t ask and didn’t so much care but nevertheless, I pe...
Sean Callaghan15 days ago
Elton John
For all intents and purposes, the eponymous Elton John album released in 1970 was an overnight smash debut that propelled the future "rocket man" to the top of the charts, and for the first half of th...
Rap Disciple18 days ago
Denzel Curry – 'TA1300' Review
Fiery Energy Meets Lyrical Tenacity
Rap Disciple19 days ago
Dave East - 'Karma 2' Review
Harlem's Star Burns Brighter
Rap Disciple20 days ago
G Herbo - 'Swervo' Review
From Lil Herb to Swervo
Yvonne Glasgow20 days ago
You've Got to Listen to Lucky 757
Lucky 757 is a killer surf rock punk band with a bit of a vintage edge and a whole lot of mariachi (on some of their songs, anyway). They hail from Portsmouth, VA and they’ve been kicking out the jams...