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Alex Bonilla13 hours ago
Bastille-'Doom Days'
If you’re a fan like I am, then you know Bastille launched their new album Doom Days last Friday. If you have no idea who they are, Bastille is a British band formed in 2010. They launched their first...
Spencer Barrett4 days ago
'...Is A Real Boy' by Say Anything (Album Review) Part 1. Belt
Released: August 3, 2004 Genre: Emo, Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Post-Hardcore Run Length: 57:55 Label: Doghouse Producers: Max Bemis, Tim O'Heir, Stephen Trask
Eric Allen4 days ago
Madonna Is…’Madame X’
First, let me preface this review by stating I’ve long been a Madonna fan since I bought her first 12-inch single “Everybody” in the fall of 1982, which felt like discovering a hidden treasure at the ...
Neil Gregory5 days ago
Dinosaur Pile-Up - 'Celebrity Mansions' Album Review
At a certain point you get old, and suddenly, you are not up to date on new music, so it's rare when a new band (new to me at least) releases an album that makes an impact on me. Hailing from Leeds, England, Dinosaur Pile-Up is that band, formed in 2007 from the ashes of singer Matt Bigland's previous band, Mother Vulpine. Their influences are clear to hear, and from Nirvana, Foo Fighters & Weezer, they've taken that 90s grunge and early 00s alt rock and given it a modern polish. Celebrity Mansi...
E.W Hemmings8 days ago
Album Review: Motionless In White - 'Disguise'
The Motionless In White we've been familiar with up until now has been a band known for looking outwards. Frontman Chris Motionless has crafted his lyrics mostly around his opinions on the society aro...
Leah Sherlock10 days ago
Thomas Rhett - 'Center Point Road' Album - A Review
As I sit here with Center Point Road playing in the background, I find myself distracted every once in a while when I hear a lyric that takes me aback, and makes me stop and think 'how true is that?' ...
Annie Kapur11 days ago
8th of June, 1970: 'Self Portrait' by Bob Dylan Is Released
Recorded between the Spring seasons of 1969 and 1970, this is considered to be one of Bob Dylan's more confusing albums since he doesn't stick to form and does many covers of traditional or other peop...
Nathan Sartain11 days ago
Sandeul - 'One Fine Day' EP Review
Returning with his first EP since 2016 is Sandeul, a member of the K-Pop group B1A4. Titled One Fine Day, it’s a smooth, versatile offering that showcases the immense talent the 27-year-old has, and i...
Cronan Parry12 days ago
Tyler, the Creator - 'IGOR': Worst to Best
Before we get to it this is obviously just some random dude off the internet's opinion. It's a good one, but it ain't the one. It's also not that serious, chill out, live a little.
Azaria Brown18 days ago
Beast Coast: Escape From New York
Escape from New York dropped on May 24th, 2019 and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. I have one lingering question about Beast Coast that I want to discuss before getting into my review. I’m wondering why there aren’t more Pro Era members in Beast Coast and specifically why CJ, NYCK, Kirk, Joey and Pow P on production, were the members were placed in the collective for this project. I understand that Pro Era has like 15 people in it, so having all members on the album would overcrowd the ...
Nathan Sartain18 days ago
Colde - ‘Love Part 1’ EP Review
Colde is back. After a recent appearance on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel with the station track “Loss,” a poignant number that combines a sleek, somber piano melody with both a hazy string-secti...
Chase Pozzi18 days ago
Not so Quickie: Dark Throne's 'Old Star' Is Proof That Black Metal Lives Today
While I wait for my Angelmaker review to go up, I want to write something real fast about Darkthrone, one of the most well known black metal acts hailing from the genre's hometown of Norway. Despite b...
Paulina Pachel18 days ago
Madeon - "All My Friends"
To most people who have never indulged in the house music scene, the name Madeon means absolutely nothing. To me, it’s a glorified name which makes my heart race, my stomach flutter, and my spirits so...
Maelyn Jeffers18 days ago
Listen to Zayn's Icarus Falls Now!
Listen to ZAYN'S ICARUS FALLS NOW!! Have you ever listened to an album and never had to skip a song? Even though this album came out a long time ago, I can’t help but listen to it almost every day; th...
Chase Pozzi18 days ago
Angelmaker's Angelmaker Angelmakes an Angelmaker Album
Well, 2019, a lot like 2018, was a year. Not only was it a year, but it was also another fantastic year for metal, in my opinion. One of my biggest favorites being Enterprise Earth's Luciferous, and F...
Release Rewind18 days ago
Beyonce 'Homecoming' Documentary
Beyonce’s Homecoming is just another pin on her jacket. Homecoming to me was a unification ceremony in a musical and cultural sense. It was meant to be a collection of all that Beyonce was and will be...
Annie Kapur19 days ago
31st of May 1988: 'Down in the Groove' by Bob Dylan Was Released
Recorded between 1983 and 1987, Down in the Groove is an often forgotten Dylan album, purely because it isn't really like the other albums of the 1980s for him. It has its own character and that chara...
Den of Ashes—'California'
If you’ve seen videos for Beck’s “Devil’s Haircut,” Madonna’s “Bedtime Stories,” and quite a few others, you’ve encountered the work of Ash. It is no easy feat establishing yourself in the highly comp...