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Reviews of albums old and new from iconic artists and up and coming musicians alike.

Yvonne Glasgow4 months ago
The Suborbitals ‘Hey Oblivion’
All bands have a story, whether you know it or not. Some bands share their stories freely, others like to remain mysterious. The Suborbitals story is no secret, and it began in 2002. The story is an i...
Yvonne Glasgow4 months ago
Armonite Combine Violin and Electronic for Unique Sound
Armonite is a pair of Instrumental violin rockers from Pavia, Italy. Their music is unique, magical, and, at times, haunting. They collaborate to make something completely unique, often making songs w...
Cas Smit4 months ago
Top Five Albums of the Week
Every Friday I wake up with excitement. Not because the weekend is about to start, but because Friday is the day a whole lot of new albums drop, ready to be listened to. In this weekly post I will hig...
Cassandra Ryan4 months ago
'Night Visions' by Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is one of my all-time favourite modern bands, and Night Visions is one of my all-time favourite albums. (Note: I'm not doing the deluxe because it's long).
Lily Kristian4 months ago
Track by Track: Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ (Part 2)
This article is the second part of my three-part review of Taylor Swift’s third studio album, Speak Now. If you haven’t read part one, you can check it out by following the link I've included at the b...
Release Rewind4 months ago
Russ: 'Zoo' Music Review
Russ' second Columbia Records studio album ZOO was released yesterday. It was a follow up to the album There's Really a Wolf released in 2017. Russ is known for his "me against the world" attitude and...
Evie Gricoski4 months ago
'Nina Cried Power' - My Review
I have been waiting for this new EP from Hozier for ages, and as most fans of the musician know, it’s been a heck of a long time since he put out new tunes. However, I have no doubts that Hozier has c...
Aaron Carling4 months ago
Revisiting Manchester Orchestra
I had never gotten much into Manchester Orchestra. I discovered them through another band and only listened to bits and pieces of their album I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child. That album had a sort of...
Ljubinko Zivkovic4 months ago
Tom Abbs & Frequency Response - Hawthorne
As someone who has played on over 50 recordings so far, jazz composer, filmmaker, and multi-instrumentalist Tom Abbs still remains a name that is mostly known to connoisseurs of modern jazz and new co...
Lily Kristian4 months ago
Track by Track: Taylor Swift’s 'Speak Now' (Part 1)
Speak Now was Taylor Swift’s third full-length studio album. It is her only album to date to be written entirely on her own. Full of iconic country hits, Speak Now is accepted by Taylor’s fandom as on...
Nathan Sartain5 months ago
Jooheon—'DWTD' Mixtape Review
If you're a fan of K-Pop, chances are you'll have heard of Monsta X. The fast rising group have a unique and likable style, with all members sharing progressive views, charms, and a general warmth tha...
Nathan Sartain5 months ago
pH-1's 'loves' EP Review
pH-1 has flown under the radar for many now for a couple of years, working on consistently solid releases such as "Wavy," "Perfect," and more recent efforts such as "GATSBY" and "harry." Combining upb...
Yvonne Glasgow5 months ago
Ghost X Gardens and the Chelsea Hotel
As I start this review, I’ve only listened to the first track of the album. I wanted to get down my initial thoughts and dive into the interesting background that was the inspiration for what you and ...
Josh Crowther 5 months ago
Charlie Puth’s New Album
If you wish for only the album review, skip a few paragraphs... Charlie Puth first rose to fame through his covers and original songs on YouTube. However, Puth really made it big back in 2015, when “S...
Raymond K5 months ago
10 New Albums Worth Checking Out
There is so much comfort in playing the same 20 songs over and over, but after a while it can get pretty mundane. If you are looking for some new albums out right now that can be enjoyed from start to finish, then I may have something for you. At the halfway mark in 2018, I believe these are ten new albums that—from front to back—deserve a dedicated listen. However, if you prefer individual songs before investing in a full album I have also included my three favourite tracks from each entry. Dis...
Nathan Sartain5 months ago
Woodie Gochild - '#GOchild' Album Review
H1GHR MUSIC'S Woodie Gochild released his first mini-album last week, featuring label and crew mates such as Sik-K and Jay Park, as well as outside artists such as the highly rated PENOMECO, Dok2 and ...
Rap Disciple5 months ago
Bas: 'Milky Way' Review
Welcome to his universe.
Yvonne Glasgow5 months ago
4 West Michigan Musician’s Albums You Should Buy Now on Bandcamp
I love Bandcamp. It’s an easy way to both discover new music and to support my friends that make music. If you’re a musician and your music is not on Bandcamp, you’re missing out. I don’t know how muc...