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Miranieva Buen18 days ago
Undecided Says "Hello"
I've known Undecided for quite some time. Their name is easy to remember and they've got an active channel and Instagram account. Sometimes, when I'd see them in my feed, I'd like their posts, watch s...
Catie Consolo25 days ago
SoCal Artists You Need to Check-Out Right Now
The music industry is a tough one due to its complexity, demands, and variety of listener interests and talents. "Making it big" takes a lot longer than you might think, and doesn't always look like h...
Tom Bakera month ago
Audio Excreta
I've recorded noise and musique concrète recordings for over fifteen years, working under ironic monikers such as "Extreme Volume Pop" and "Meat Glue." Yet, I actually know very little about the genre...
amanda mollett2 months ago
"Not Ready To Make Nice"
Have you ever heard the song by Dixie Chicks called "Not Ready To Make Nice"? Do you know the story behind the song? I recently heard this song, and it was not what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be one of those country songs about breakups or cheating. So, I had heard if it but never listened to it. One day I was listening to some songs and it popped up, and I heard some of it before being able to change it, and I thought to myself, "Hmmm... okay I am going to give this a real l...
Fit of Aggression2 months ago
Blues on Fire
Sometimes the blues will take care of everything and every mood. Sometimes, you need to crank up the volume, turn on the metal, and blend the blues and heavy metal in to something new. No one speaks to the pain I sometimes feel better than Chad Grey of the bands Mudvayne and Hellyeah. Whether its lyrics from Mudvayne or Hellyeah, the lyrics speak to my soul, and his music, along with his soul-piercing words bring me from the dark back to the light. As a songwriter myself, I have taken more inspi...
Michael Bonner2 months ago
Unsung: 90s Male R&B Groups (Part 2)
For those of you who felt we just scratched the surface of looked-over R&B groups from the last article, you are absolutely right. 90s R&B music was such a self-contained world from 1991 to 1996 that ...
Shareen Kaheaku2 months ago
My First Friday Gig Downtown Honolulu
It was the First Friday I had ever attended. They had already banned drinking in the streets. The location was downtown Hotel Street. This was Hawaii's red-light district once. They opened up clubs, b...
FOUNDRY13 Music2 months ago
Should Artists Experiment With Multiple Genres or Keep to One?
We all love certain artists with their individual styles and ways like Imagine Dragons and their powerful and heavy drums, or Twenty-One Pilots with Tyler Joseph's distinct voice, which can be heard i...
Momma Sez2 months ago
Music Marketing 101—It's Easy Like That
Are you an impeccably awesome musician? Do you have a band oozing with talent and energy? Well, if your answer is yes, and yes again, following some music marketing strategies, can take your band to the next level. Yep! These marketing strategies work best for all businesses, and music is no exception. All that you need really is some time, maybe a small budget, and to follow the right techniques to market your music.
Style Idol Closet3 months ago
Red Velvet Beauty Ranking
Disclaimer: this list or ranking does not intend to degrade the beauty of certain members just because they place last on certain eras. All members are beautiful, and have their own charm and talent. However, depending on the concept, makeup, and outfits used during certain eras, these fit certain members better than than others; making her beauty stand out more than the rest. I tried to include all their music videos, even when Yeri was not part of the group, and those that they didn't promote ...
Adam Wallace3 months ago
Britpop Battle: Blur vs. Oasis
Hello, and welcome to The Great Debates. Growing up, there have been numerous pop culture competitions. Some were lame in hindsight like Dante's Peak vs. Volcano. Others are so memorable that they're ...
Style Idol Closet4 months ago
BLACKPINK Beauty Ranking
Quick disclaimer: this is just my opinion, and your list can, and it will, be different that mine. Each girl has a unique charm and talent. That is why depending on the concept, song, outfits, and makeup one of the girls is bound to stand out more than the others in beauty. I think they are all pretty, and that without one of them the group is incomplete. "Boombayah" 1. Jennie 2. Lisa 3. Jisoo 4. Rosé Jennie really fits "Boombayah's" style. When I first heard that YG was debuting a girl group, I...
Stina Marie4 months ago
Will the Real Tony Marino Please Stand Up
Homonymy happens. It can be a real pain in the neck, but there's no way to avoid it. In the musical world, where picking the right stage name can be a make-it-or-break-it point, it is not uncommon to ...
Style Idol Closet4 months ago
Most Beautiful 2NE1 Members
I just want to put a disclaimer out there that this is just my personal opinion, and that your list may differ to mine. Also, all the members are beautiful, and they each have their own talent and charisma. However, depending on the concept of each comeback and music video, some members tend to stand out more than others. Not to mention their popularity of the time and how hard the entertainment company pushed a certain member to the public. For example, CL was constantly pushed by YG, and there...
Review | 2Cellos in Atlanta
When you try to explain what and who 2Cellos is and are outside of the fandom, you get a lot of puzzled looks. For example, I was having a lunch date with my father-in-law yesterday and when he asked ...
Kay Kindschy4 months ago
Punk Bands You Need to Listen To
If you are a religious listener to that of punk music, here is a list of bands (bigger and smaller) that you should definitely pay more attention to.
Dar Ra5 months ago
"Diamonds 'N' The Shadows" Single Gets Some Light!
Artist Dar.Ra Single Diamonds N The Shadows Label: Kusha Deep Music Release date: Spring 2019 Dar.Ra, the music producer and author, who takes the subway to his creative destinations, as in his words,...
Root of All Evil
"MONEY MY BEST FRIEND." My artist name is, Firelane. Fist and foremost, I was born and raised in Rialto, Ca, which is in the heart of San Bernardino County. Within San Bernardino County I've seen lots of crimes for money, I've seen a lot of ups and downs in my lifetime, poverty etc. Some crimes escalated to attempted murder/murder over that almighty dollar. I've been doing music for most of my childhood and adult life. While it is true that you can't live without it, and you can, and some will d...