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Krista Almazan2 days ago
Freedom, Identity and Other Hidden Messages in BlackPink's "Ddu-du Ddu-du" Video
Ddu-du Ddu-du has now been viewed 55 million times and broken more records, just as expected. But this music video pushed the envelope even a bit further with empowering messages underneath the sequin...
Kimberly Styles4 days ago
I have loved 5 Seconds of Summer for a long time now, and I am a lover of music in general, so I thought I would write my own review of their third album for you all to read.
Krista Almazan4 days ago
First Live Performances of BlackPink's 2018 Comeback
Before we've seen a music video for BlackPink's second announced title track for their mini album, Square Up, we have the privilege of seeing their choreography. The record-shattering girl group has performed their single, "Forever Young," on MBC's Music Bank. The choreography starts with an immediate BlackPink trademark: all the girls lying down on one another. Remember that crowd-pleasing visual in Boombayah? Of course you do. The opening choreography for "Forever Young" is total fan service j...
Jenna Phinney4 days ago
BTS's Popularity in the US
BTS or 방탄소년단 is a 7-member idol group from South Korea. Those who watched the AMAs of BBMAs have probably seen them before. You might be wondering, "who are these people, and what the heck are they sa...
Krista Almazan5 days ago
BlackPink's New Music Video Is Here!
BlackPink's comeback has finally arrived! The music video for Ddu-du Ddu-du was released on YouTube about one hour prior to the time of this publication, and the expectations were not only surpassed, they were left in the magical, technicolor dust! No, literally, there are a few instances of colorful dust being thrown in the video. The video itself has already reached 500K views on YouTube. As speculated, more records will continue to be broken and set anew by this powerhouse group! The choreogr...
Shandi Pace7 days ago
The Cultural Impact of the Beatles
No band has stood the test of time quite like the Beatles. Almost everywhere you go someone has heard of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in one way or another. They have b...
Krista Almazan7 days ago
BlackPink Fan Starter Kit
As I've mentioned before in other stories I've composed for Vocal, I dislike when a writer rambles on and on for multiple paragraphs before getting to the point; the reason you're there in the first p...
Jessie Gunoskey11 days ago
Three Philly-Based Bands You Need To Listen To, Like Right Now
Let me begin by saying that I don't own any of the videos or content used in this article. I'm just praising some cool stuff that I absolutely adore.
Krista Almazan13 days ago
Information About Each of the Four Members
Krista Almazan16 days ago
Four Reasons to Be Excited About BLACKPINK Update
Earlier today, BLACKPINK updated their fans with the image shown above. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about what they've posted and here are just a few of them.
Blade X19 days ago
The Moment You Stop Being a Superfan
I recall, very clearly, the moment I first became a fan of a particular pop band. I won't name them in this article, but with enough research you might work out who I'm talking about. The year was 200...
Rick Larntz20 days ago
Meet The Brothers Footman
Every once in a great while the stars align to bring together an abundance of talent, dedication, and commitment to excellence; such is the case with Dikembe, Gerald, Micah, and Joshua Footman. Their ...
Kathryn O'Reillya month ago
How Did the Beatles Revolutionise Contemporary Music?
The Beatles were unique in the way that they were often directly involved in the production of their singles and albums. Paul McCartney stated that: “If I go into a session now I’m invariably the arti...
J Pa month ago
A Journey Through Scottish Bands
My music taste has always been a tad, shall we say, broad to say the least. From the old school pop punk days to the ridiculous pop which storms the charts it is safe to say that I will listen to just about anything. However, the bands which hold the key to my heart are of the Scottish persuasion. From the small indie folk bands to those which are known throughout the world, my own journey with them has helped me through good times and bad times. At a young age, I first fell in love with Biffy C...
Ryan Smitha month ago
Five Upcoming Scottish Bands You Need to Hear!
Glasgow's music scene is currently thriving, with many new bands emerging all the time. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best up and coming artists from Glasgow, and the music which...
Logan Mang2 months ago
Can Greta Van Fleet and Birdy Bardot Save Rock?
It was September 2017 and I was barreling through the 5 North to Clairmont, listening to San Diego’s Rock 105.3 when suddenly I heard a primal, raunchy, 70s-esque guitar riff. Musical Deja Vu hit as t...
Practical Stunts2 months ago
Deap Vally's Guttural Feminist Tunes
The guttural feeling of familiarity, empowerment, and dread are ever present, as they always have been, within Deap Vally’s latest album Femejism. A couple of self-described valley girls out of Califo...
Practical Stunts2 months ago
Mermaids Exist at the Horseshoe Tavern
On an absurdly chilly Monday in April, a day that you would not expect people to be out and about at a bar, the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St. W was bustling. The night was going to consist of three ve...