Rock n' roll, boy bands, jazz trios, and more; the greats, newbies, and forgotten icons who create our favorite groups.

Tom Prendergast2 months ago
'Transparency': Why Brockhampton Is So Important
I've been thinking a lot about Brockhampton. And no, not in that way. As opposed to dreaming about Kevin Abstract holding me close at night, rather I've been thinking about what they mean—what they're...
Autamn Webb3 months ago
5 K-Pop Girl Groups You Should Be Listening To
Hello! Welcome to another of my K-Pop suggestion lists! As I mentioned in my previous suggestion list, K-Pop has taken Western pop culture by storm, and it's only the beginning. With BTS and a number ...
Autamn Webb3 months ago
5 K-Pop Boybands You Should Be Listening To
K-Pop has been rapidly taking over Western popular culture. With BTS breaking through to the American music industry while still maintaining their own style, and most importantly their own language, W...
Lexi Cowie3 months ago
5 Seconds Of Summer
5 Seconds Of Summer is a four-member band: Luke Hemmings, lead vocalist and guitarist, Michael Clifford, lead guitarist and vocalist, Calum Hood, lead bassist and vocalist, and Ashton Irwin, lead drum...
felicity -3 months ago
BTS and Their Impact on My Life
Hi. I want to talk about something that I’m sure others have done before. BTS. Yeah, that K-Pop band. But more about their impact on my life. The whole love yourself series, and love myself/speak your...
Mark McConville3 months ago
Being As An Ocean - Bashful But Honest Words Carried In Music: A Feature
By rightfully pushing the written word to its limits, Californian band Being As An Ocean is a true advocate for rough around the edges music that pulsates and connects with listeners. They have also b...
Rasma Raisters3 months ago
The Girls Who Inspired Popular Songs
There are many popular songs that have been inspired by girls. Even though they may or may not be titled by her name, she is the inspiration behind the words and music. • • In 1957 Buddy Holly wrote “Peggy Sue” a song that quickly rose up the Billboard charts and is still popular today. In the beginning, this song was going to be called “Cindy Lou” however at this time Holly’s drummer Jerry Allison was having a romance with a girl called Peggy Sue. So Peggy Sue got her song and later on, she and...
Chris Hearn3 months ago
Limp Bizkit: Greatest Band Ever?
There was a time, in the late 90s and early aughts when one band seemed to reign supreme. That was Limp Bizkit. But, it didn't take long before they fell out of fashion to become one of the most despi...
Lindsay Longacre3 months ago
Boy Bands, Pop Punk Bands, and Solo Artists Oh My!
My music taste has quite the range and this list reflects bands and artists within that range that in my opinion everyone should listen to. After you've listened to them through a streaming service, I...
Rasma Raisters3 months ago
The Music of The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees were not a band that came from just one place. They seemed to be all over the globe. In the late 1950s, their musical career began in Australia. Then during the 1960s, they became a well-...
Shandi Pace3 months ago
The Cultural Impact of the Beatles - The Fans and Touring
The popularity of the Beatles throughout the 60s was indescribable. Thousands of teenagers would show up at airports around the world to catch a glimpse of them and queue in line for hours for the sli...
Amanda Raifman3 months ago
Be Kind to One Another
One year ago, I can't believe it's been a year. I still remember driving to work listening to The Edge, when they cut mid song and broke the news that Gord Downie, lead singer & front man for The Trag...
Renee w3 months ago
My Top 10 Favorite Musical Artists
This list is not in any specific order.
Atraile Daugherty4 months ago
Who Is BTS?
Hailing from South Korea, this seven member boy band has started making headlines in the US. From appearances on shows such as Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, to performing at the Billboard Musi...
Harry Jenner4 months ago
Top 10 ABBA Songs
2018 is a year of re-emerging ABBA Mania. After the commercial success of 2008 film version for the smash Broadway show Mamma Mia!, fans in July were rewarded once again with sequel Mamma Mia: Here We...
Kate Chessy4 months ago
5 New Artists That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Country Music
Country music is so much more than pick-up trucks and Bud Light. True country music is about love, life, and overcoming hardship against all odds. You don't have to be a right-wing cowboy to enjoy the...
Style Idol Closet4 months ago
Twice "Cheer Up" M/V
This song is not one of my favorite from Twice, but I must admit that the song is pretty catchy. I remember that I reacted to this music video back when I started my YouTube channel. It received a lot good comments and it was one of my most viewed videos. This music video really put Twice out there in the industry. It became so viral and for some reason I didn’t realize it until a few weeks later. I didn’t really know a lot of the members' names until this comeback. I was already into k-pop arou...
Sam 4 months ago
Music Rewind—Ft. New Kids on the Block
What Up Guys!! Hope you guys are good :) One thing that I have learnt in my time is that no matter where you are from or what your background is, one thing everyone can bond over is music, and that's ...