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Sammi Curran10 hours ago
Who Is J-Hope?
It’s February 18th, meaning that one of the BTS boys is turns 25. J-Hope is one of BTS’ older members, the third oldest after Jin and Suga. Despite this fact, it’s hard to pinpoint this at times. J-Ho...
Edward Anderson2 days ago
The Unintentional Gaga Trend
"If I can't find the cure, I'll fix you with my love," Lady Gaga sings on her hit single "The Cure." It's such a sweet sentiment that it's hard to recognize the impact that the song had on pop culture, but rest assured the song, like the diva who sings it, changed the way the highest tier of pop divas release songs for consumption by the masses. However unintentional it was, Lady Gaga was ahead of her time when she dropped this song on the unsuspecting audience. Just months before releasing "The...
Will Jackson9 days ago
11 Expensive Things Owned by Celebrity Millionaire Elton John
Vidello Productions is taking a look at 11 expensive things owned by celebrity millionaire Elton John.
WatchMojo 20 days ago
Top 10 Freddie Mercury Moments
They called him Mister Fahrenheit. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Freddie Mercury moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at the defining moments fro...
Ana Perinottoa month ago
'Tell Me What to Do'
December 18th, 2017. We who are inserted in the kpop world and even some of those who are not fans of the genre came to know his name. Yes, it was tragic, heartbreaking and simply unbelievable. I reme...
Ask a DJ: DJ Serafin
Every musician has a world inside them that's worth exploring. They have imaginations unlike any other, and view music as the highest form of communication there is. As an electronica fan, I've always admired DJs of all walks of life. DJ Serafin is currently one of the top 10 remixers of all time, and is famous for throwing down at the club. His remixes featured major names like Britney Spears, Jordin Sparks, and Livvi Frank—and got him a highly esteemed contract with Jive Records. I got introdu...
Butta B. Flia month ago
Iz R. Kellz Truly Guilty Az Hellz?
Weighing All Sidez of the Situation
Nalana Phillipsa month ago
In Memory of David Bowie
I am writing this in memory of a great man. He was a father, husband, friend, artist, mentor, and legend. He is greatly missed by many, so I am writing this as a show of love and deep appreciation for...
Will Jacksona month ago
10 Expensive Things Owned by Millionaire 50 Cent
Curtis James Jackson III, AKA 50 Cent, has a net worth of $15 million dollars. Today, we look at look at 10 expensive things he owns.
Nathan Sartain2 months ago
The Artist of 2018: Eric Nam
As we enter the final purgatorial days between Christmas and New Year, I started to get reflective. 2018 has been a great year for music in numerous ways, but I was left wondering whether there was an...
Shadora Robinson2 months ago
Hozier: His Return to the Music Scene
With a voice of pure soul and goodness, it's no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with Hozier. The Ireland-born singer has made his triumphant return to the music scene after a two-year hi...
Nathan Sartain2 months ago
Under the Spotlight: Sam Kim
To give a blunt introduction, Sam Kim is a fantastic artist. The 20-year old has a captivating way of shifting styles, showing range, and delivering songs straight out of the top-drawer seemingly effo...
Anna Cheney2 months ago
Why We Should Stop Comparing Prince and Michael Jackson
Years after the abrupt death of Michael Jackson in 2009, and then Prince in 2016, their presences in the music industry continue to be resurrected and commemorated today. Prince and Jackson have etche...
Lena Bailey2 months ago
The 27 Club
"The 27 Club" is a group of famous people who have died at the age of 27. The causes of death can range from unknown to overdose and suicide. This phenomenon started on January 17, 1892, with the deat...
Andreus Chia3 months ago
Taylor Swift's Best Visuals (Pt. 2)
"Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius," someone once said. Her songs captivate you in ways you would never imagine. While her songs are the best lyrical representations of her life, her music videos provi...
WatchMojo 3 months ago
Top 10 Best Mac Miller Moments
Though his time with us was so sadly short, Mac Miller always made each day count. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we're counting down the "Top 10 Mac Miller Moments." We're looking at Mac's finest...
WatchMojo 3 months ago
Top 10 Celebs Dissed by Eminem
They call him Slim Shady, and he shamelessly zings celebrities daily. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Celebs Dissed by Eminem." For this list, we’re f...
Nathan Sartain3 months ago
Timmy Xu—the Future Star You Need to Hear
It takes a lot for me to be truly captivated by an artist. Sure, there are lots of bands or acts I listen to for various purposes, such as for background music whilst cleaning, or to relive an old mem...