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Kimberly Holcombe7 months ago
Theory: '...Ready for It?'
Many theories are going around about Taylor Swift’s new music video “…Ready For It?” It’s safe to say that Swift is keeping to the theme of herself versus her past, as shown in her music video “Look W...
Mckenzie Roberts7 months ago
Artist to Watch: Shane
Waiting in line for our entry to Chicago's Subterranean, it was practically impossible not to turn to my group of friends and spit out the common cliche that accompanies the anticipation of a concert—...
Horace James7 months ago
Why Left Eye Was Right Not to Be Down With Creep
Do you remember the wave of feminism and female empowerment in pop culture of the nineties? It was empowerment right? Not just clever marketing… TLC’s 1994 classic hit "Creep," along with a lot of oth...
Krista Almazan7 months ago
One Week Until BlackPink Comeback
There are only seven days until BlackPink finally makes their comeback! Kpop fandom will be on pins and needles for the next week. As I mentioned before in a previous article about their comeback, it has been a long time coming and Blinks the world over are even more impatient than ever as we are now on the home stretch! Soon we will see what the four members have been working so hard on all this time, and we hope (we know) that the comeback will be well worth the wait. YG Entertainment took it ...
Krista Almazan7 months ago
Twice's Chaeyoung Dyes Hair Orange
According to an article on UK's Metro Twice member, Chaeyoung, has dyed her hair orange, is now wearing blunt bangs, and some fans are accusing the K-pop girl group member of copying BlackPink's Lisa....
Kristina Tingler8 months ago
SHINee's Back Again
Insert Minho's "SHINee's back again." In May 2008, SM Entertainment debuted a five-member group called SHINee. In 2010, after one of the most difficult years of my life, I reconnected with my best friend and she introduced me to these five men with "Ring Ding Dong" and their reality show Hello Baby. I fell in love. SHINee is the group that got me back into Korean entertainment. I've since moved to other groups, broadening my music (and fanbases), not enjoyed some of their releases, but I will al...
Gemma Kaye 8 months ago
Gary Barlow the Theatre Tour 2018 Review
Gary Barlow and Take That fans across the globe are currently in a frenzy over Gary’s solo tour. Visiting small theatres in cities that he’s never performed in before is proving to be a huge success w...
Eugenia Sosa8 months ago
The People J.S. Bach Insulted
J.S. Bach was a wise man with no patience for sub-par work; he is known as one of the people who changed the course of music. This incredibly gifted man has written the most theoretically interesting ...
Léna 8 months ago
Michael Nesmith’s Life Before The Monkees
'Michael Nesmith’s childhood was miserable.'
Dom 8 months ago
Danielle Bregoli: Is She as Bad as They Say?
Danielle Bregoli, better known as the "catch me ousside" girl, became an internet meme last year after her appearance on Dr. Phil. In this appearance, the public first got a taste of her, and they abs...
Chelsea Winona9 months ago
20 Facts About Elvis Presley!
Hands up if you're an Elvis super fan. If not, here are 20 interesting facts you may not have known about the King of Rock n'Roll, Elvis Presley! So consider this Elvis 101, and enjoy!
Rap Disciple9 months ago
Kanye West's 2018 Media Frenzy
Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. Actually, he welcomes controversy and backlash with open arms as he realizes they will culminate into “breakthroughs.” He’s on a constant mission of self-disc...
Chelsea Winona9 months ago
20 Facts About the Late David Bowie!
Here are 18 facts that you might not know about the late David Bowie! Enjoy! **Trigger Warning** There is a picture of a spider on fact #10.
E.F. Landeros9 months ago
Elvis Presley: The Soul Searcher
"Elvis was a searcher. It was a part of him that never left." Priscilla tells Elvis fans in the first thirty seconds of HBO's Elvis Presley: The Searcher. We find ourselves floating within the silent ...
Chelsea Winona9 months ago
18 Facts Every Post Malone Fan Should Know!
Here are somethings every one should know about Austin Post AKA Post Malone! ENJOY!
Andrew Hylton9 months ago
Cardi B: The Next Princess of Rap
Since the release of her highly successful single "Bodak Yellow" in 2017, which topped the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi B has been on the radars of not only hip hop/rap audiences, but mainstream pop as we...
Alyssa Garcia10 months ago
Why Hayley Kiyoko Is the Queer Icon We Deserve
Even if you live under a rock, if you're queer I can guarantee you've heard the name Hayley Kiyoko. Far from her days as a Disney Channel star, Kiyoko has taken the LGBTQ community by storm. And as a ...
Angelica Torres10 months ago
Top 10 Underrated Country Artists
In country music especially, there is no shortage of underrated artists. Some of the most talented artists in this genre never get the recognition they deserve. This list will be ranked by the talented artists who don't get enough radio play or artists that I think that just don't get talked about enough, and some may be newer or some may have been around for awhile.