Upcoming concerts, reviews, or iconic concert moments in music.

ASHLEY SMITHa year ago
My Top Concerts
Over a 30-year period I have attended some important concerts, some memorable and some poignant. Here’s a few that spring to mind. 1. I was at Wembley stadium for Queens' last concert with Freddie Mer...
ASHLEY SMITHa year ago
In to the Pit
I have attended various concerts over a number of years, from pubs with 30 people through to festivals with over 100,000. Where I want to be and usually get to be is at the very, very front. Often des...
Art Bergmann Schools Halifax
Halifax Urban Folk Festival is a boutique festival that celebrates songwriters and the songs they create. At least, that's what the Facebook page says. In truth, it's an event where Mike Campbell gath...
Marcia Frosta year ago
Rock Triple Play: Tesla, Voices of Extreme, and Red Reign
The beautiful and historic Embassy Theater, originally opened in 1928 under the name Emboyd Theater, had a full house for a hard rock event. Tesla celebrated 30 years on tour along with two other exce...
Weeknd Concert
We had amazing floor seats at the Weeknd Concert at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. We were in row thirteen in the middle aisle. The buzz was over the crowd and everyone was anxious to hear the vocals. Let...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
Best Music Festivals in the US
Music festivals are now one of the hottest summer, fall, and spring activities you can choose. They are more than just multi-day concerts. They are celebrations of music, art, and culture — and many o...
Gail Noblesa year ago
King James Brown
King James Brown is a man that pays tribute to the original James Brown ( May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) whom we know as the Godfather of Soul. He is gone but not forgotten. King James Brown perform...
Frances Wilsona year ago
The Pianist's Loneliness
"The loneliness doesn't worry me...I spend most of my life alone, even backstage...I'm there completely alone. I like the time alone..." —Stephen Hough, speaking on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs T...
Eric Allena year ago
Looking Back at Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour
In celebration of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour coming to DVD and Blu-ray in September, I’m reflecting on her fabulous Nashville concert stop back in January 2016. The two-hour-plus show was the first Mu...
Thomas Gravesa year ago
Mehtab Malhotra: An Outsider's Stumble Through the Musical Poetry of South Asian Ghazal
After a few minutes winding down streets near Green Park, London, I stepped into the Nehru Centre (cultural wing of the High Commission for India). I showed my ticket and wandered in, spending some time perusing artwork displayed in a well lit, high ceilinged room before heading upstairs for the concert. As I entered the room I was washed over with the sudden darkness of a room in which only the musicians were lit, and the faint, sweet scent of rose water that transported me back to my recent br...
Leni Soncka year ago
The Magic Of Rondé
We already knew that they can transform a festival site into a party, that is not really a surprise. But this summer, Rondé had also planned a gig in the Stevenskerk (Nijmegen) and that is something q...
Megan Roche2 years ago
The Total Package Summer
Anyone who knows me at all knows that Paula Abdul is a huge part of my life. I've been a fan since 2004 and have pretty much followed her to so many events, parties, and television shows that she's be...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
Full Moon
It's another hot day on the coast of Fukushima and it's late summer. I'm in a car and driving deep into a jungle that I thought I could not drive into. Mark has told me about a music festival that hap...
Kyle Stumpo2 years ago
Top 10 Music Venues in Ottawa
Every city has that one music venue that everybody loves to go watch a show at, but I'm here to tell you that Ottawa has 10 of the best venues in all of Canada! While Ottawa may not have as many venues as Montreal (over 100) or Toronto (the biggest city by population), the National Capital Region does have its gems. I will only be including venues that are still open so Zaphod's and Ritual will not be included.
Marcia Frost2 years ago
Cheap Trick and 38 Special Rock the River
Cheap Trick has been hitting the road hard this summer, especially in the Midwest, where they started playing in local clubs all those years ago. They were especially welcomed in Peoria, Illinois. The...
Kelli Cartrette2 years ago
Appetite for Destruction
The best 80's hard rock
Matt Nappo2 years ago
Another Rockin45 Summer Of Fun
Now in their seventeenth year, theRockin45s, aka America's Favorite Party Band are showing no signs of slowing down. Their 4 hour marathon sets continue to keep audiences dancing and singing and in Summer the band always kicks up a notch. Known for their high energy, almost punk rock renditions of classic pop covers, the band also has created a huge buzz for their original music. The novelty hit Love Song recently passed 5 million downloads and with a new full length CD due to drop in September ...
Yvonne Glasgow2 years ago
Five Ways You Can Help Support Local Music
Most local musicians aren’t signed to any labels, and many of them don’t want to be. A lot of them are college students or parents, and they are just trying to do what they love, and maybe make a litt...