Upcoming concerts, reviews, or iconic concert moments in music.

Max Jones2 years ago
Evolution of the Concert
Attending concerts has become a staple for music-lovers, and even for those just interested in the social scene. Regardless of favorite genre or band, experiencing music live has become one of the mos...
David Karp2 years ago
#HowEyeSeeIt with Casey Harris of the X Ambassadors
Casey Harris, the piano player for the X Ambassadors, has been legally blind his entire life. As part of the Foundation Fighting Blindness' recent digital campaign, #HowEyeSeeIt, we traveled to Seattle to meet with Casey and the rest of the X Ambassadors to hear his story. In his own words Casey describes his ability to see as 15% vision in good light and closer to 5-10% in bad light. Technically speaking Casey has 2200 vision with a 10% field in the middle. In addition to sitting down with Case...
Matt Cates2 years ago
Arif Erdem Ocak: Turkey’s Breakout Musician of the Year
Moonlight on tight shorts and bikini tops… A secluded beach lapped by hot Aegean waves… The dark green of woods within which stalk predators hunting furry prey... And then— a rainbow of lights cross e...
Samantha Bentley2 years ago
New Years Eve Mini Mix
The new year is almost upon us, and thank fuck for that. 2016 has been, in a word: Horrific. Between the turbulent bullshit going on all over the world and the deaths of so many beloved stars (largely...
Will Vasquez2 years ago
History of the Lighter at Concerts
It's an image we all know: thousands of people holding lighters in the air, in flickering tribute to their favorite musicians. No concert is complete without it; it's a way of bringing people together...
Beat Staff2 years ago
Beatlemania: You Had to Be There
The millions of Beatle fanatics across the world finally had their first official live LP by the Fab Four. This marked the first time that the average fan could play Beatlemania at his or her own conv...