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Is it a fact or is it merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the lesser known truths in the music universe.

SKYLERIZED 3 months ago
Reason First: Is DJ Khaled Now Crying Because He's Not an Egoist?
Jay-Z and Beyoncé (THE CARTERS) handled their number two slot on the Billboard 200 chart last year with their release, Everything is Love (2018) with grace. Nicki Minaj launched into a temper tantrum ...
Amelia Flynn3 months ago
How Music Affects Your Productivity
Since today most of the work is done using a computer, music is a good way to diversify routine work. But the question remains the same: can music affect our productivity?
Dalila Abdelkhalek5 months ago
Maybe Music Is (Partly) to Blame for Our Life
If the law of attraction is real, and we attract the thing with the same frequency we’re vibrating on, could it be that by listening to certain songs—vibrating on that frequency as you put your heart ...
Tom Bakera year ago
Creep Tunes
Music: it's an indispensable and ubiquitous aspect of the human condition. It is, in these days of instantaneous electronic communication, virtually everywhere, all the time, even when we don't want i...
Zachary Barnetta year ago
Why Is K-pop Becoming so Popular?
K-pop. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If you’ve ever wondered how music from such a small country can become so popular worldwide, and even take the #1 spots on America’s and even other countries’ music...
Wade Wainioa year ago
Similar Much? Mogwai's 'Sine Wave,' Nine Inch Nail's 'A Warm Place,' David Bowie's 'Crystal Japan'
A tune is rarely 100 percent original, for better or worse. For example, Mogwai's tune "Sine Wave" is very similar to "A Warm Place" by Nine Inch Nails (NIN), which is itself similar to "Crystal Japan...
Kaylee Chaffin2 years ago
5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Music
What is music? Music is sound, silence, science, a mechanism that can portray and effect emotions. I started my first semester of college, Music 100 is one of my classes. During our last class period ...
Jessica Roberts2 years ago
What is being a musician all about? Is it about a decent rift and killer solo? Is it about lively lyrics with penetrating meaning? Could it be as simple as being an entertainer? And where do you draw ...
Taylor Markarian2 years ago
Weird Facts About Your Favorite Rock Musicians
Rock musicians are often known for their tough exterior and their reckless behavior. However, as with most celebrities, fans forget that at the end of the day, rock stars are also just people. They ha...
Annie Nomus2 years ago
Do Real Fans Still Exist?
It feels like being a fan just isn't a thing anymore. I feel like devoted fans are a thing of the past. I was lucky enough to grow up in a generation where dedication to an artist still meant somethin...
Ashley Sandoval2 years ago
KPOP Criticized in the United States
Nowadays, music is seeping through our pores in our skin. Music is something you can use to escape the problems in your life, even if it means you’ll be stress-free for three whole minutes. I feel lik...
Victor Trammell2 years ago
Free Lecture at Montana State University to Analyze the Credibility of Referencing Rap Lyrics in Criminal Trials
Later this week, Montana State University will be sponsoring a lecture, which is free and open to the public at its Procrastinator Theater in the college's Strand Union Building. According to a recent...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
How Do Musicians Make Money?
If you have ever seen a guitar player busking for money, you're probably under the belief that musicians really are almost always either totally broke or filthy rich. Speaking as someone who has a lot...
Mary Golden2 years ago
5 Reasons Why Musicologists Are Important
"Musicology? What's musicology?" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question, I'd have quite a bit of money by now. It is unfortunate that many people don't know about musicology. Whenever ...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
The Worst Song to Ever be Created
Sometimes, bad music happens to good bands. Elvis Presley infamously sang "Confidence" as part of a children's movie he filmed in the late 60s. Chuck Berry's song, "My Ding-A-Ling," was his only solo ...
L.A Banks2 years ago
One Bowie Fangirl's Interpretation of Blackstar
Although as a child, I was fed a fairly varied diet of good music, it’s fair to say that my ‘bread and butter’ was definitely Bowie. From starry-eyed mooning over Labyrinth to teen sulking accompanied...
Surprising Songs That Were Written While High
Songwriters have always had a lot of inspiration from the various substances they've enjoyed. Mozart was a huge fan of alcohol as a form of inspiration. 19th century composer Berlioz wrote his Symphon...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
Most Overrated Electronica Concert Venues, According to an Expert
Electronica concert venues tend to be a bit different than most other venues out there. Unlike rock venues, electronica venues don't usually have seating and often basically require wide, open spaces....