Iconic moments in music history.

The First True Disc Jockey
If hero worship is being inspired by someone’s deeds to emulate them in your workplace, then perhaps I am living proof of the work of Alan Freed. I am a disc jockey, a poor comparison, however, to the...
SKYLERIZED 21 days ago
Why Are You Ranking: Best Musical Acts to Have Enriched Delaware from the Admired Duly to the Adored Greatly
The first state to ratify the United States Constitution has played home to a number of notable musical acts that have gone under the radar. Though it may be hard to believe, some of the most talented...
How the Stone Roses Managed to Become One of the Most Important Bands in History yet Still Feel Underground
The Stone Roses are arguably one of the most important bands in the history of British music, with their immense influence still being present today as they changed the face of British rock. They emer...
Shadora Robinsona month ago
Let's Rock and Roll
Music is the language of the world; it brings people together through the ups and downs of one's life. Throughout history, music has had a significant influence on various cultures and groups of peopl...
Blake O'Connora month ago
The History of Afrobeat
A man who married 27 wives in one day, the father of Afrobeat, an eccentric, social activist—many great accomplishments are associated with the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His legacy lives on through hi...
Sean Callaghana month ago
My Guitar Couldn't Hold You So I Split the Band
When Elton John was sent to the United States by Dick James Music in 1970 to perform. He was accompanied by a touring band comprised of Dee Murray on Bass and Nigel Olsson on drums. Though Dee and Nig...
E.W Hemmingsa month ago
An Idiot's Guide to Pop Punk
Three chord sequences, pogoing, sunshine (mostly) and sometimes pizza - pop punk is THE summer genre, and holds a special place in the heart of many an alternative music fan. Whether you're a 'pop pun...
Aaron Kerper2 months ago
Riot Grrrl: Feminism's Most Important Soundtrack
The 1980s were a time when the music scene was primarily dominated by a misogynistic and masculine aesthetic and sound, an issue that was merely the spark to the Feminist bonfire that would slowly sta...
Sarah Bryan3 months ago
Mozart vs. Michael
Historians and scientists alike have drawn uncanny parallels between two of the world’s most well-known musicians: Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and “King of Pop” singer Michael Jackson. B...
Collin Campbell3 months ago
The Dropped Rock
Is Rock and Roll culture dead and gone?
M J Steel Collins4 months ago
What Are We Fighting For?
Following the cessation of both the First and Second World Wars, the general attitude was that this level of conflict should be prevented from happening again. That may have been the mode of thought, ...
Domonic Tracy5 months ago
The Black Belt of A Capella
"Barbershop is the black belt of a capella." This is the claim of Deke Sharon, one of the leaders and pioneers of the contemporary a capella sound and style. For a man that has directed several choirs...
Phil Sauer6 months ago
'Stalag 17' – How This Record Has Traveled Through Time
1973 – Kingston, Jamaica. While the world was watching Big George Foreman knocking the hell out of Smokin Joe Frazier, just a few miles away, Stalag 17, one of the most legendary records in history, w...
Kyle Stumpo6 months ago
History of Sound Recording
Scott, Berliner, and Edison
Sam Gallagher7 months ago
Political Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd produced seminal works in the creation of the concept album during '70s. Of these concept albums, The Dark Side of the Moon perhaps is the most famous. Released in 1973, The Dark Side of the Moon has since spent almost 1000 weeks on the Billboard Albums charts, one of the highest of any other album created thus far. However, it all began with a psychedelic, and relatively childish-sounding album, reflecting alienation, existentialism and space travel. Named after a chapter in the clas...
George Appleton7 months ago
Rock 'n' Roll in Soho!
Rock 'n' roll started in Soho. Well actually, no it didn't, but it found Soho and made its home there. Rock 'n' roll actually started in the United States in the 50s, but it made its way over to Engla...
Patricia Sarkar7 months ago
6 Songs That Had a Lasting Impact on Society
Songs and musicians can do more than just entertain; they can also inspire. Last year, Eminem raised awareness for a good cause in England on his social media account following the Manchester attack t...
Nomadic Bard7 months ago
Bach's Love for Coffee
You did not misread the title and subtitle of this article. Johann Sebastian Bach adored coffee so much he composed a cantata called "Coffee Cantata." During the Baroque era, coffee houses were poppin...