Iconic moments in music history.

Sean Patrick2 years ago
Revisionist History: Arguing Tutti Frutti with Malcolm Gladwell
“Tutti Frutti, Aw Rooty, Tutti Frutti, Aw Rooty, A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom!" –Little Richard 1955. On a recent episode of his exceptional podcast Revisionist History, journalist Malcolm Gladwell was discussing why country music embraces sadness while rock n’roll tended toward generalism in songwriting. Gladwell’s point was to emphasize the awe-inspiring power of music, especially sad music like that of his other subject on the show, the so-called “King of Tears,” songwriter Bobby Braddo...
DarLing Lor2 years ago
Beethoven: A Presentation
(December 1770 — March 26, 1827) Have you ever wondered about who this particular man was? He was born in Germany and was a composer of classical music. He hasn't been mentioned since he passed away, ...
Scott Bowen2 years ago
The La's Released a Brilliant Record in 1990. Then They Vanished.
The La's are known best for their hit single, "There She Goes," a song that blew many musicians away with its cleverness and Beatle-influenced sound, and has been covered by many people, including Six...
Danny Fleming2 years ago
Singing Karaoke
Karaoke is a Japanese word that means "empty orchestra." The word was used to describe the development of a video game that consisted of an amateur singer with a microphone, but the orchestra is taped...
Jennifer York2 years ago
And All That Jazz
Here are some epic jazz heroes from the 20s and 30s.
Thomas Graves2 years ago
Why Am I Here? Musics, Cultures, Emotions
I am new here. A good question to ask whenever one finds oneself in a new space, be it physical or virtual is, "Why am I here?" This is not always an easy question to answer, and can sometimes lead th...
Jordan Catto2 years ago
Akala, Illa State, Hip-Hop Shakespeare and the Rise of Conscious Grime
As a white, working class British man in his 20's from the rolling hills of Surrey, Grime Music is not something I claim to own any rights to. At an early age I became a huge fan of Eminem and always ...
Kelli Cartrette2 years ago
Appetite for Destruction
The best 80's hard rock
Bob Robertson2 years ago
The Greatest Music Man You Have Probably Never Heard Of
So, what you do if you're a scion of one of the richest dynasties in America? Well, you turn to music, of course. John Henry Hammond, Jr., born in 1911 into a branch of the Vanderbilt family, was neve...
German Country Singer Gunter Gabriel is Dead!
Germany's Johnny Cash is dead. As a pioneer of the German country music scene, singing in German and therefore connecting directly to the blue collar masses, country music and especially trucker-song-...
J.R. Gonzalez2 years ago
Must Listen: Jay-Z Greatest Songs
"... First I snatched the streets then I snatched the charts/First I had they ear, now I have they heart..." These lines could summarize Jay-Z's career but it hardly covers everything that Jay-Z has a...
Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Country Artists Of All Time - Do You Agree?
Greatest Artist compilation lists had, have and will always stir up controversy. Nothing is as sacred as your own favorite singer and when he/she doesn't make the list or is ranked in the nose-bleed s...
Mary Golden2 years ago
5 Reasons Why Musicologists Are Important
"Musicology? What's musicology?" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question, I'd have quite a bit of money by now. It is unfortunate that many people don't know about musicology. Whenever ...
Bob Robertson2 years ago
Oh God Ma! I'm On the Cover of 'Rolling Stone?'
In the year 1967, during the height of the ‘Summer of Love,’ a young man living in San Francisco realized that Pop-Music was changing. Like many who attended the Monterey Festival in June of that year...
Sadé Sanchez2 years ago
Tupac, The Man He Was and Always Will Be
Lesane Parish Crooks. Tupac Amaru Shakur. 2Pac. Makaveli. What can I say. A legend of Hip Hop that was taken from us far too soon. The California-raised-Harlem-native made such a huge and everlasting ...
Eric Allen2 years ago
Memories of Old and AM Gold (Part 2)
As a child during the late 1960s and 1970s, the magical world of music caught my attention immediately, but outlets to find musical sources were extremely limited. My ears were always thirsting to hea...
Jon Carp2 years ago
The Music Career of Charles Manson
Manson is not typically remembered for his music. In fact, there’s a good chance you had no idea he even wrote music before reading this article. However, he has put out a considerable number of recor...
Eric Allen2 years ago
Memories of Old and AM Gold (Part 1)
Whenever summer rolls around, it annually evokes fond memories of youthful days I’d eagerly spend counting down until the school year would finally end. The anticipation of long, lazy summer days, ext...