Iconic moments in music history.

Adam Quinn2 years ago
Rise of the Ukulele
Ukuleles are largely associated with the Hawaiian islands. But they originated from a different island chain-the Portguese Islands of Madeira, based off a similar, small guitar-like instrument known a...
Max Jones2 years ago
Evolution of the Concert
Attending concerts has become a staple for music-lovers, and even for those just interested in the social scene. Regardless of favorite genre or band, experiencing music live has become one of the mos...
Rhonda Taylor2 years ago
Who is Harry Partch?
The Adapted Viola. Chromelodeon I. The Ptolemy. Kithara I. Surrogate Kithara. Harmonic Canon III. Bloboy. Koto. Crychord. Diamond Marimba. Quadrangularis Reversum. Marimba Eroica. Boo I. Boo II. Mbira...
Will Vasquez2 years ago
What Is Witch House?
Witch house music is an occult-inspired "dark electro" music genre that first came around in 2010 and has been making waves ever since. At DJ events and festivals, including music videos etc there is ...
Adam Quinn2 years ago
Muses of Music
In Greek mythology, muses inspired science, literature and art. According to these myths, muses were the source of the knowledge expressed in poetry, songs and fables. In modern times, muses often com...
Adam Quinn2 years ago
Most Famous Music Break Ups In History
Everyone loves one form of music or another, and every person has a band they love, and every person has a music breakup they never forgot. Bands come and go, but their music can last forever. When yo...
Adam Quinn2 years ago
Unmasking The Punk Underground
He's tough tonight, with a non-filter cigarette dangling from his soft, adolescent lips as beads of warm sweat run down his hairless chest. Standing in front of the New York rock club, CBGB, he's imag...
Arnold Seleskey2 years ago
'Rock N Roll Is Here to Pay' Book Review
Steve Chapple and Reebee Garofalo's Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Pay, together with Geoffrey Stokes' equally outstanding Star Making Machinery, should be considered required reading for anyone with a seri...
Frank White2 years ago
Elvis Costello's Classic 'My Aim Is True' 
For a while, at the beginning of his journey especially, some thought he was another Elvis Presley rip-off. That was, of course, before they heard him. He had his name long before the King died. Elvis...
Will Vasquez2 years ago
History of the Lighter at Concerts
It's an image we all know: thousands of people holding lighters in the air, in flickering tribute to their favorite musicians. No concert is complete without it; it's a way of bringing people together...
Max Jones2 years ago
There Was No One Like Etta James
“Sometimes I feel like reaching down from the stage and grabbing people and slamming them against the wall with my voice. Ι want to make ‘em wake up and listen. I love those people." – Etta James
Max Jones2 years ago
Artists to Add to Your Jazz Playlist
A friend recently asked me to suggest some jazz recordings that might propel his newly developed interest, so I made him an Introduction to Jazz list with these essential artists. There are obvious om...
Danielle Banner2 years ago
Feminist Punk: In Appreciation of Badass Female Rockers
The rise of feminist punk was a pivotal moment in the history of rock music and a pivotal movement for women in general. Before the 1970s, the list of greatest rock bands and artists read like this: E...