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Adrian Scott11 days ago
How to Freestyle Rap for Beginners
Freestyle rap is a battle to conquer on its own, and even some the most musically talented people in the world cannot get a handle on it. However, with these ten simple steps on how to freestyle rap f...
Art is Krime25 days ago
How Independent Music Artists Can Make More Money in 2018
For independent music artists with small fanbases, there is a common issue with finding the best way to monetize that fan base in today’s digital era. In 2016, Billboard wrote an article titled the “U...
Anomie Fatale2 months ago
How to Fail as a Singer/Songwriter
Lessons I have experienced and not yet learned from, but you totally should.
Israel Pike2 months ago
How To Be a Self-Taught Musician
So you want to learn an instrument but don't know where to start? Maybe for Christmas you got a guitar, but personal lessons are too expensive and all the articles you've read aren't "beginner friendl...
Morgan Black2 months ago
The Attractor State
From taking singing lessons at Sylvia Young Theatre School, I have learned so much about the art of singing, especially the importance of the body as well as the voice. It is not all about the voice, ...
Dennis Nichols3 months ago
Your Upcoming Music Career
So you've been dreaming of a music career? Do you fantasize about seeing yourself on stage or the big screen every single time you see a celebrity perform or see the latest music videos? Great! The #1...
Robin Owens3 months ago
The Three Notebooks You Need as a Songwriter
When I started songwriting when I was nine, and for the first little while of the last 11 years, I only used on book as a songwriter. And yes, that worked fine for a while, but I'm at the point now wh...
Jenna Goldberg4 months ago
So You Want to Sing Karaoke?
What's the first thing you think about when you hear the term "karaoke bar?" People singing poorly for laughs? Drunk people trying to sing coherently? Endless renditions of "Don't Stop Believing" or "...
Tim Ellerbe II4 months ago
Live Show Preparation
Ah, Live performance. This is the Artist’s best chance to make a good impression and gain more fans, not to mention to remind current fans of why they love you and your music. The key word here is per...
emmett138 .5 months ago
How To Survive a DIY Tour
Eventually, artists that dream of taking their craft to the next level will have to make some moves outside of their home city. Touring can be nerve-wracking and expensive at the best of times, and do...
Angel Soto6 months ago
Mic Check One Two - My Observations From Attending Local Showcases
In one way or another I have been a part of the Tampa Bay music scene since 2001. Because of this involvement, I find myself at plenty of open mics and showcase. Often I am asked to judge or critique ...
Jonathon Lombardi6 months ago
You Wanna Make a Music Video?
If you saw either of my last two music videos, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “That was pretty cool!” Or perhaps not. Either way, if you’re considering making your own video or are an overly st...
Amber Lee7 months ago
The Do's and Don'ts of Being a 'Fan'
Most people are unaware that there is an unwritten rule of how to be fanatical. Yes, you read right, there are rules and yes they shall be followed. Or...else. Growing up in a home that was musical an...
James Cherry7 months ago
Mixing & Mastering with Digital Minds
Mixing & Mastering are both complex processes that take time to learn and to master completely (pardon the pun). Although having analog equipment does help to create a warmer and thicker sound. Us bed...
Lanie Jose7 months ago
Being a Music Student and How To Get Through It (Part 1)
Now, before anyone loses their minds about the title, being a music student is hard, painful work. Especially in Illinois, collegiate music programs are some of the most strict and in-depth programs i...
Alice Minguez7 months ago
How to Sing Better Instantly
It’s been said that any person capable of speaking is also capable of singing. However, certainly not everyone is capable of singing well. A beautiful voice is a combination of three things: natural t...
Holly Morwenna8 months ago
Paid to Perform: How Easy is it?
Are you that person who sits in their bedroom on a screen, learning their favourite song on guitar while shyfully mumbling the lyrics? Or maybe, you record your own original music in your room, write ...
Pete Adams8 months ago
3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Music Now!
Starting a career in music can be a tough journey with little to no direction on how to achieve your goals. Sure, there are countless websites that can tell you one thing or another, but none of them ...