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REA MUSIC23 days ago
How to Write a Song...
Something I get asked as a songwriter ALL the time is: 'How do you write a song?!'
Non-writers are FASCINATED by this process, but writers also ask me this question a lot, because there's always something we can be sharing and learning from one another.
Something I do regularly is breakdown the latest pop song I love, and see what the chord progressions are... listen to a review of a track to see how it was made (e.g. Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" supersmash writing process was SO easy, but still ...
Kari Oakley2 months ago
Do I Need to Go to School to Become a Musician?
I was fascinated by being a musician from the early days of my youth. The truth is, I am already a musician; every day I pick up an instrument, practice every day, or write something new every day. Bu...
Mikkie Mills2 months ago
Preparing to Go on Tour as an Independent Artist
A self produced musician is when you make music and support yourself, in the form of booking agents or managers from a major company. Do you do it yourself if you hired someone who is promoting your t...
Donna Maurer2 months ago
How Voice Majors Can Prepare to Record Their Vocals for the First Time
When studying voice, it is highly encouraged that you record your vocals. Whether to easily identify areas needing improvement for improved practice, or to use for demos, auditions, or possibly even r...
Tonia Victoria3 months ago
How to Start Making Money in the Music Industry
Making Money As an Independent Artist
Emma Lansdowne4 months ago
The Patterns of Music
As someone who just started college and has just started to be thrown into the real world of music, I was shook up a little bit when I first got to college but I actually have done better than other f...
Joe Dancsak7 months ago
Indie Music Artists in Film and TV
Since the decline of purchased music started with the advent of the mp3 in the 1990s, and now with the prevalence of cheap streaming services driving down the value of popular music, independent recor...
Sarah A8 months ago
6 Productivity Tips for Aspiring Producers
Music production is one of those jobs where you mix pleasure with actual work. You won’t find a producer who’s been at it for some years that isn’t a “music nerd,” so to speak. Still, the pleasure par...
Sammy Armstrong8 months ago
Writing Music
Music, it's beautiful and creative. Sadly, we all go through struggles when writing a song. We end up giving up after we write a few words due to it not being good enough to us. That's not the case th...
Austin Thurman10 months ago
Small Musician Startups
As a local musician in a relatively competitive location, especially with electronic music, I know you might be discouraged on your music career if you haven’t started. But with most small artists, th...
Kyle Foster10 months ago
Writer's Block? Revisit Your Old Material
The more we do something, the better we get at it. That’s no secret, and the craft of songwriting is no different. But what is to become of those early lyrics we’ve all jotted down and stashed away in...
Niall LM10 months ago
Custom Bass Tones in 10 Steps
Reason is an efficient music production program consisting of several varieties of fundamental synthesizers sequencers and samplers. In this procedure, you will see how to trigger raw sounds via a giv...
Cecilia Bizzi10 months ago
Understanding Audio Limiting
In this series of articles, I am going to explain in depth the processes of several music production tools and effects, such as compression, EQ, limiting, reverb, delay, dithering and more. I will try...
Henry M10 months ago
Finding Your Own Music History
Music is a loser's game. Those of you who have tried to keep up with new releases both niche and popular, never mind checking out old records, will know what I’m talking about. You’ll be listening to ...
Cecilia Bizzi10 months ago
Understanding Audio Compression
In this series of articles, I am going to explain in depth the processes of several music production tools and effects, such as compression, limiting, reverb, delay, dithering and more. I will try my ...
Nick Jackmana year ago
5 Things I've Learnt About Writing Music
I have been involved in the process of writing music for only a few years now and have learnt in that time to fully appreciate how difficult it can be to write something that reflects you and how to m...
An Introduction to Composing Music for Film, TV & Other Visuals
Contents Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Plotting Chapter 3 - Musical Forces Chapter 4 - Theory Chapter 5 - Software Chapter 6 - Composition Examples 6.1 - Key Composers 6.2 - Key Scores Chapter ...
Beth McPhersona year ago
Essential Exercises for Electric Bass
Learning a new instrument can be very discouraging to anyone who is just picking up an instrument for the first time. It is crucial that anyone beginning their studies of a musical instrument learns p...