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Mark Darnella year ago
Juniors Gone Wild
I have spent a good portion of my mid- to late-twenties trying to find the right sound for me. At the time I was in an all-original band that did play covers to pay the bills. So needing something ver...
Jared Rimera year ago
The Musical Evolution of a Webmaster
Hello everyone! Welcome to another article here on Vocal. Today, I'd like to talk about my music experience, and what types of music I’m in to. I started with music at a very young age. I am told that...
Jesse Guerreroa year ago
6 Tips to Become Great at Piano
Want to be great at piano? Use these tips to improve your skill!
Yvonne Glasgowa year ago
Mariachi for the Millennium
The only time in this review I am going to compare this band to The Beatles is right now, and that’s simply because both bands came out of Liverpool. I was actually kind of surprised to find that Live...
Gregory Eze2 years ago
Why Study Music?
As a six-year-old boy growing up in a working-class area of London, I watched my parents deliver a massive object into the house which was called a piano. I wondered what my parents were going to do w...
Mary Golden2 years ago
5 Reasons Why Musicologists Are Important
"Musicology? What's musicology?" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question, I'd have quite a bit of money by now. It is unfortunate that many people don't know about musicology. Whenever ...
Mark Darnell2 years ago
Crown CM700
*Pros: Small, Smooth Sound, Priced right! They sound like a "million dollars". *Cons: These mic's are now obsolete. And very little support is out there for them, if you need them to be serviced. I ha...
Remembering Prince, An Artist That Defied Boundaries, On What Should Be His 59th Birthday
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Today, we recognize what would have been the 59th birthday of Prince, the iconic artist who left us last spring. On ...
Mark Darnell2 years ago
Fender Toronado: Not to Be Confused With Grandma's GM Oldsmobile
This is not to be confused with your Grandma’s old boat of a car, the GM Oldsmobile Toronado! This is a guitar folks. This is one breed of guitar that has both confused and interested me at the same t...
THE BEAR2 years ago
New Modern Blues Artists You Should Be Listening To
So we're heading in a new direction - gone are the bubble gum factory of the processed beats with no feeling, music recycling and four chord madness. The rise of hipster left wing veganism has yes, ge...
Dr. Williams2 years ago
The Value Of Classical Music
Every modern piece of music whether it be rhythm and blues, jazz, to pop, behind the lyrics and melodies can all can be traced back to the classics. Every piece of music for centuries now has been int...
Ben W2 years ago
The Rolling Stones: A Retrospective
For more than 50 years, The Rolling Stones have been the mainstays and stewards of the Rock n’ Roll universe. Founded in 1962, this English band transformed the music world, sold hundreds of millions ...
Robby Tal2 years ago
Best CandyRat Records Live Guitar Performances
If you've ever been down the rabbit hole of "Best Guitar Solos" or "Acoustic Guitar Videos" YouTube searches, you've watched a CandyRat Records artist's video, whether you think you have or not. Lesse...
The Ticket2 years ago
A Modern Day Renaissance Man
Earlier this week I was reading up on the Renaissance for my Western World history class. The era’s prominent characters are now referred to as “Renaissance Men”: A person with many talents or areas o...
Sky Vettel2 years ago
Sky Vettel's 'Sin From a New Perspective'
A Native New Yorker, electronic musician Sky Vettel is creating what she calls "concept music" - pieces which evoke imagery, emotions, new thoughts and feelings. "Isn't that pretty much all music? Unl...
Chelsea DeVries2 years ago
#ICYMI: Eight Songs That Will Make Your Playlist Pop
I love music so much that I found a new way to pay to expand my music library without downloading a million songs and taking up space on my hard drive and/or my iPod. I subscribed to Pandora Plus, whi...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
10 Best Neoclassical Darkwave Songs
The list below contains the Top 10 Best Neoclassical Dark Wave Songs. This list is based on research and on my own personal opinions.
Frederick Park2 years ago
A Pillar of Rock
In the world of the electric guitar, few guitars have been as influential to music and the innovation of the instrument as the Fender Stratocaster. In its more than 60 years of production, the Stratoc...