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HRE Publishinga month ago
Augusta's Best Kept Secret
Who's the hottest in the city? A question you hear quite often throughout the Garden City's musical scene. On the other hand, an artist from the Southside of Augusta, Georgia..."Uptown" to be exact, k...
Marcia Frosta month ago
All in the Family for Larkin Poe
Megan and Rebecca Lovell are better known as the musical duo Larkin Poe. The group name is that of their great grandfather, a direct decendent of their favorite poet, Edgar Allan Poe. The music of Lar...
Nikki Gaskinsa month ago
R&B Singer-Songwriter, Aretha Henry, Pours Heart and Soul into Fourth Studio Album
JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI—Aretha Henry, the soulful southern belle who hails from the “Magnolia State,” is one artist who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. On her latest album, Mrs. Jones, Henry gets up clo...
Amanda Gabrielle2 months ago
WISDUMB, All Your Favorite Music in One
Wisdumb is an indie rap group headed by Giovanni Quattrochi. Gio grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and was a Posse Scholar at Trinity College ‘12-...
Winners Only2 months ago
MC Britney, Brazil's Funk Queen
"We are the voice of many women. We are independent and secure women who run after our goals and dreams. Showing that we can get out of the ghetto with music and win the world with our funk music." - ...
Rebecca 2 months ago
Bryan Joon Releases Heartfelt New Music Video
We had the pleasure of speaking one on one with R&B/Soul artist Bryan Joon about his new music video for his hit single "Nowhere," which released last week. His debut self-titled album, Bryan Joon, co...
Amanda Gabrielle3 months ago
From Wherever You Are in the World, This Is Your New Favorite Artist
MEÏA is a singer-songwriter from Barcelona who recently relocated to New York City. She won over hearts by singing in her own unique way. Her music explores love, dreams, and social issues embracing b...
Amanda Gabrielle3 months ago
Laela Giovanna, the Newest Addition to Your Playlist
Every single day, music listeners are looking for that new artist who they can become obsessed with. Well, look no further. Laela Giovanna has been giving people exactly what they asked for. Relatable...
Winners Only3 months ago
The Black and Beautiful Life of Mookie MoTonio
"... it's people in our own cities doing great things. Shit so media driven now days. They control the way we feel about everything." - Mookie Motonio Mookie Motonio has grown from a young energetic r...
Winners Only3 months ago
Summa's Body of Work
I never saw myself as a sex symbol before. I mean I always loved feeling sexy. And yes, there are tons of pros and cons to being such. I am a very strong minded black woman who cares. That’s the gist ...
Winners Only4 months ago
Shining Star for You to See
Some of us didn’t have homes to go to, mothers were crackheads, some in foster care, some molested at a young age, and last but not least none of us had a father involved!
Amanda Gabrielle4 months ago
From The Brooklyn Stoop to Miami Beaches: Meet King Soloman
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY... then moving all the way to Miami, Sean Levine, also known as King Soloman, has gone through multiple changes and has had a long journey thus far. From using music as...
Amanda Gabrielle4 months ago
Welcome Back to Your Emo Days, Meet This Year's Comeback
To all the emo kids who are now grown up and looking to relive their youth, look no further! This Year's Comeback has given listeners their teenage years back. Crank up their tunes on the way to your ...
Amanda Gabrielle5 months ago
Showing Love to a New Artist, Kathana
There has been a wave of new artists lately, but one in particular who has been making quite an impression on music lovers is Kathana. The duo of Katie who is the singer/songwriter and Chris who is th...
Amanda Gabrielle6 months ago
Gabe Fleck: A New Addition to Your Spotify Playlist
Have you heard of Gabe Fleck yet? Well, if not, you are MISSING OUT. With over 200,000 Spotify listeners, this Portland artist is quickly leaving a mark on the music industry, with no intent on stoppi...
Amanda Gabrielle6 months ago
Meet Times Like These
From New York City, Times Like These is a fresh take on classic pop punk. With songwriting driven by youthful fervor and catchy hooks, Times Like These went from their first backyard show in the summe...
Taylor Thompson6 months ago
Queens, NY Rising Artist Lawrence Turner Releases New Visual!
Queens, New York is known for being the home of some of hip-hops greatest artist including J Cole and Nicki Minaj. A new artist is currently rising into the spotlight known as Lawrence Turner. Hot off his latest project A Lil' Something EP, he has released a high-energy music video for his first song on the project, titled "A Lil' Intro." The video shows his character and gives us a little taste of what we can expect on the EP. Lawrence will be dropping another visual early this year and we look...
Rich Monetti7 months ago
Giada Valenti Brings the Romance of Italy in Her Music
Born in Venice, Giada Valenti never sat down and made a conscious decision to become a singer. The Valenti family was inherently musical and her grandmother was a well known professional singer in the...