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Anecia Lewisa day ago
Top 3 K-Pop Groups To Add To Your Playlist.
Even though K-Pop has been around for a very long time, it blew up even more in the U.S after the phenomenal boy group known as BTS took home a Billboard Music Award back to South Korean. They are the...
Skunk Uzeki2 days ago
Best Goth Bands with Female Singers
Goth music has always involved hard beats, innovative electro-synth influences, and pretty dark lyrics. However, one thing that most goth music doesn't have is female vocals. For reasons beyond unders...
Azzyness E4 days ago
5 Songs for Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Music is emotion, just as emotion is music. Music is a tool which can be used to make you feel better or worse. I guess this mostly depends on your preferences. I use music to make myself feel stronge...
Rowan Marley5 days ago
Worst Rock Albums of All Time
Music is an art genre that is very "hit or miss," and nothing proves this better than the music career of legendary artists in the rock industry. Most of the time, when we think of major bands, we thi...
Top Two Hit Wonders
Most people can name a one hit wonder band. There are tons of them, all of them once considered to be "the next big thing to hit music" only to be unable to top the stuff that launched them to stardom...
Kyle Stumpo8 days ago
Top 10 Music Venues in Ottawa
Every city has that one music venue that everybody loves to go watch a show at, but I'm here to tell you that Ottawa has 10 of the best venues in all of Canada! While Ottawa may not have as many venues as Montreal (over 100) or Toronto (the biggest city by population), the National Capital Region does have its gems. I will only be including venues that are still open so Zaphod's and Ritual will not be included.
eyyy_itsrobin 12 days ago
Top 5 CKY Songs
Well-known for their memorable guitar riffs, CKY is an American rock band that does not tie itself to one genre when creating music. Having formed in 1998 and releasing their debut album Volume 1 in 1...
Best New Wave Bands on Spotify
In the 1970s and 1980s, one of the most uniquely iconic genres of pop-rock was invented. That genre was new wave, and it's characterized by its uniquely electronic take on punk rock. It's not quite po...
Death Grips: 'Bottomless Pit' Review
I remember being so excited for this album last year. I had become a huge Death Grips fan by that point, and rarely, if ever, went a single day without listening to one of their records; but for those...
Sadé Sancheza month ago
Billboard Update: Big Debuts From Lorde, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled and More
Here are the updates for both the Billboard 200 and The Hot 100 charts.
Bethany Tiamata month ago
Guide to Metal Subgenres
Any newcomer to metal is almost immediately overwhelmed by the cornucopia of metal subgenres in existence. When you look on paper, names don't mean too much. Doom metal? Black metal? Death metal? They...
Signs You're Getting Dropped From the Band
Being part of a band isn't easy. There are constant practice sessions, rehearsals, and work involved in touring. At times, even just squeezing the time to play at different venues and sync up schedule...
Sadé Sancheza month ago
#OverloadMondays: New Releases From Big Boi, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz and More
Okay so here's some of what happened last week (6/12-18).
Insane Publicity Stunts Done By Bands
If there's one thing the music industry has become famous for, it's the sheer number of insane publicity stunts done by bands and singers who wanted to become famous, stay relevant, or get signed by a...
Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Country Artists Of All Time - Do You Agree?
Greatest Artist compilation lists had, have and will always stir up controversy. Nothing is as sacred as your own favorite singer and when he/she doesn't make the list or is ranked in the nose-bleed s...
Top Industrial Bands
Industrial, also known as industrial metal, is a subgenre that blends the dark side of metal with the synth-heavy sounds of techno. It's the genre that has given many teenagers and young adults an out...
Ryan A. Hagana month ago
Five Best Rock Albums of the 1990s
Despite only being alive for the last five years of the 1990s, I’ve developed a deep passion for the rock music that was released in the decade.