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raven fisher2 days ago
Top 12 Arctic Monkeys Songs
The Arctic Monkeys. The very name has the power to incite dozens of feelings for every "indie," "British-wave," "alternative rock" fan. With over a decade and six official albums under their belt, thi...
Beatles Songs From 1968-1970 That New Listeners Are Bound to Like
It's not easy being a Beatles fan. Ever since I dug into their works when I was 15 in 2013 I realized that even though they were the most successful rock band in history, they just aren't as beloved a...
Grace Lynch11 days ago
Most Empowering Songs for Women of the Decade
As my sister has already started mentioning Christmas I've began to realise that the decade has slowly began to draw to a close and so it's time to discuss the most empowering songs for women across the whole decade. It was too hard to just choose ten songs so this will be a longer list than I'm used to. All of the songs on this list will be perfect for your girl power Spotify playlist. I will link my own girl power playlist that includes all these songs and more at the bottom of the article so ...
Dakota Thomas 20 days ago
A-Z of My Favorite Songs Pt. 2
This is the second part to my favorite songs for each letter of the alphabet.
Dakota Thomas 22 days ago
A-Z of My Favorite Songs Pt. 1
Some people love to ask the icebreaker question. "What is your favorite song?" and if you're like me, someone who listens to an abundance of music, you don't have one. You have several, especially now...
hannah irelan22 days ago
My Top 10 One Direction Songs
In order to survive this much-longer-than-18-months hiatus, I find myself replaying every song One Direction has ever recorded about twelve times a day. Now, before you say it, it’s not a problem, it’...
1 9 9 7a month ago
10 Halsey Lyrics - 'Room 93'
Let's talk about one of my favorite artists of this decade: Halsey. This talented girl, who's been making a lot of noise, started a successful music career uploading popular music covers to YouTube ju...
Annie Kapura month ago
10 Greatest Cover Songs by Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan is normally known as the greatest songwriter who has ever lived and, well, that is correct. But that doesn't mean he doesn't like to experiment with the songs of other artists from time to t...
Dakota Thomas a month ago
Best Genius Verified Videos
As I explained in one of my previous articles, "Content to watch on YouTube if you love music." Genius has a YouTube channel with various series about artists and the process it takes to make their mu...
Maria Viksea month ago
The Best Songs About Diamonds and Jewels
If looking closer, it is easy to see their similar natures and missions. Both music and diamonds exist to make human life brighter, happier, inspired and motivated. They both are in close touch with h...
Grace Lyncha month ago
The Best Albums of All Time
A pre-warning that there are some controversial picks in this article and undoubtably many of you will disagree with me. However, for me, music is both universal and individual, and what an album mean...
Vegan Chocoholica month ago
Songs If You Need a Hug
Hello there, from time to time, we all go through some stuff. Whether it is a breakup, a family issue, a feeling of emptiness or depression, or a lack of confidence in yourself, I think we all know so...
Dakota Thomas a month ago
Content to Watch on Youtube If You Love Music
Youtube has become the home for over-budgeted music videos, girls trying to be relatable, and easy ways to lose weight, so it can be hard to find content one actually enjoys. Sure we are given recomme...
WatchMojo 2 months ago
Top 10 Disney Love Songs
Love is a song that never ends. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the "Top 10 Disney Love Songs." For this list, we’re taking a look at the most romantic ballads from Disney’s animated library.
Grace Lynch2 months ago
Best Albums of 2019 So Far
2019 has given us some really great albums so far, and this article is a celebration of the best. This is in no particular order, it's just ten albums that I've really been enjoying.
M J Steel Collins2 months ago
Lesser Featured Top 10 Guitarists
Lists of top ten guitarists published by large music magazines or major TV broadcasters are, frankly, dull. Sure, they list musicians who are undeniably, immensely talented and are worshipped everywhe...
Annie Kapur2 months ago
Bob Dylan’s Best Epic Narratives
Bob Dylan is not only known as the God of Folk for his production of some of the most incredibly memorable protest anthems of the 1960s. He is also known as the God of Folk, because of his output of t...
Annie Kapur2 months ago
Bob Dylan's 20 Greatest Gospel Songs
One of the most memorable times of Bob Dylan's career as a folk hero, musician and all-round legend of American Music is when the God of Folk decided to take on the gospel genre. From the years 1979 t...