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Crysta Coburn7 days ago
6 Punk Rock Christmas Songs
I worked in retail during every holiday season for the past 20 years. (My first job was a seasonal gig at a clothing store endlessly folding clothes.) What do all retail places have in common during m...
Caitie Perry7 days ago
10 Songs Every Girl Can Relate To
Girls. There is no denying it, we have it much worse than the boys. All of the double standards and rules placed on us. Some of us also struggled after a parent's divorce or bullying. Some of us exper...
Riley Bates14 days ago
The Best Rated Songs on Spotify Right Now
The music industry is a competitive landscape, and artists of all genres share the dream of their music being consumed by millions. Once they make it to the charts, however, their music then becomes a...
Blake Dylan22 days ago
Top 10 Up and Coming Musical Artists to Watch in 2019
Looking to see the next big thing before it's mainstream, or just looking for a new jam? This list has you covered.
10 Unknown Christmas Songs to Spice up Your Holiday Playlist
Whenever the holidays come around, there seems to only be about 15 songs sang by multiple artists. You can listen to Dean Martin croon "Baby, It's Cold Outside" or modernize it with Idina Menzel and M...
J.W. Leóna month ago
Turning Your Oral Hygiene Routine Into a (Haunting) Aural Experience
The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for at least two minutes—preferably three—twice a day. That doesn't even include time spent rinsing with mouthwash or flossing (or oil-pu...
Robbie Nichols2 months ago
Music for a New Chapter​
It's not unusual for people to say that music affects their mood. In fact, I think you'd struggle to find a person who would disagree. We, as a species, have mastered the art of music. We are able to ...
25 Dope up and Coming Hip Hop/R&B Artist Under 25
They may be young adults but they're ready to change the game.
Sarah Jane2 months ago
Your Helpful Lil Concert Guide
Like anything else, preplanning is always the most important part of a concert. It's everything from "What should I bring?" to "How much money will I need?" I currently work for an Arizona-based conce...
Amy S2 months ago
4 Genres of Music You've Probably Never Heard Of
Because Cutting a Dead Cat in Half Is Music Now
Adam Wallace3 months ago
Beyond K-Pop
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I give a voice to the maligned, forgotten, and ignored. The Korean music scene has been on a hot streak for the last few years. This is attributed entir...
Amy Gagnon3 months ago
Amazing Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now
From Quebec, Canada this young and talented artist, Soran, just released his first EP and it's absolutely fantastic. With every song being different from the other but sooo in his style at the same ti...
Zach Sommers3 months ago
My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs
Taylor Swift, an artist that has been in the music industry since 2006. In the beginning she started as a country singer quickly making waves into eventually becoming the biggest country star in the w...
Ada Zuba3 months ago
People Who Have Changed/Influenced the Music Business
Bon Iver. Bon Iver is someone who should be praised big time. He writes calming music that is perfect for baths and releasing stress away and isn't that what music is meant to do?—relive your tension ...
Kayla Simas3 months ago
Top Patriotic Country Songs
Country music has always been known to show its patriotism. Whether in times of war or peace, country music has shown American pride for decades, with songs that proudly proclaim the beauty and benefi...
Athena Melendez3 months ago
Under the Radar: Experimental Artists and Songs
I'm not a follower, especially when it comes to music. I rather jump through hoops to discover some of the most influential artists out there than to rely on a website's algorithm for song suggestions...
Kayla Simas3 months ago
Top Country Songs of the Summer
Country stations across America have played numerous hits this summer, even kicking off some artists' careers, while showcasing new music for the veteran artists. Below are the top songs of the summer...
Kayla Simas3 months ago
Top Chely Wright Songs
A breakthrough artist, Chely Wright became a successful award-winning singer in country music starting in 1994, when she won Top New Female Artist at the Academy of Country Music. Not many see her as ...