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Finding Quality Music Under the Radar
These days, with streaming, downloads, and all the available formats, new and old, it is quite easy for good music to fall under the radar. In that respect, it is an almost an even field, whether musi...
Lewis Papier7 days ago
Putting Together a Great Cover List on Spotify
Why do I like covers so much? Honestly after hearing the original songs so many times, it’s nice to hear different renditions. I now have over 9,000 songs on my Super Hits and their Best Covers playlist on Spotify. You can make your own list too! Go to Spotify and search for your favorite songs. Then one by one, hit “songs” and Spotify will bring up a list of the original and covers. If it’s a popular song like the Beatles’ "Yesterday," the list will almost be endless. Instead of going through e...
Chantel Harrisona month ago
10 Queer Fu** that Bi*** Heartbreak Anthems
This edition of queer heartbreak anthems features the more angry-type breakup songs. The ones for when you don’t want them back. If you do want them back, listen to these songs until you don’t anymore. You’re welcome.
Dakota Thomas a month ago
Top Five New R&B Songs
Next to Hip Hop, R&B (Rhythmic and blues) is my favorite genre to listen to—from the slow beats to the outstanding vocals that make me wish I could sing ,or rather just hold a simple note. Because I d...
Dakota Thomas a month ago
The Playlist of My Life
Today, music surrounds me; not only do I listen to it, but I write about it, and I hope to pursue a career in the industry. It wasn't always like this though. When I was in elementary school, all I ca...
Nadya K2 months ago
The Offical Stone Cold Bitch Playlist
In my opinion, creating a playlist is a form of art. Curating a perfect list of music that strongly conveys a certain mood or feeling can be quite a challenge, but the reward makes all of the effort w...
Cody Deitz2 months ago
Must Haves: Bleachers
Bleachers has been such an important band in my life, because they really know how to make me get in the feels, but also I genuinely enjoy Jack Antonoff's music style. They are mainly know for "I Wann...
Nancy D2 months ago
My Personal 'Sad Music' Playlist
We all have one whether we realize it or not: A Personal Sad Music Playlist. It's the songs that we are drawn to when we are feeling down. I feel like I am taking a risk showing my list of sad songs, ...
Nancy D2 months ago
The Most Popular Songs of 2019... So Far
Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Lady Gaga, and The Jonas Brothers! These are just a few of the names of who has made the most popular songs this year. Even Billy Ray Cyrus is still around... T...
Shelby Weimer2 months ago
Music That'll Make You Feel Things
Music has the power to make you feel things. We all have those songs that instantly take us back to the time we first heard them, or the moment that made it the most memorable. These songs ignite feel...
Kayleigh Rucinski2 months ago
10 Artists for Deep Thinkers
When it comes to music, I am all over the place. There is not one genre I stick to, and naming my favorite artist would be impossible. With that being said, I'd also say that my taste in music can be ...
Monique Star3 months ago
Pride-Appropriate Music
When it comes to celebrating the LGBT+ community (and especially on Pride Month specifically), what type of music comes to mind? Some might generically suggest Disney, Lady Gaga, Broadway, etc. while ...
Josephine B3 months ago
My Favourite Music Videos
A collection of my personal favourite videos throughout the years, all of which I recommend you watch right now
Shea S3 months ago
I Just Graduated, so Naturally, I Have to Make a Throwback Playlist
2005, the year I began Kindergarten. The first and final year of nap-times in class. Two of the biggest songs of 2005 are "Gold Digger" by Kanye West and "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna. Both of these song...
Ruth Gibson3 months ago
Life's for Living... The Best Songs to Show Us the Way
There are many songs that remind us that life is for living and that we only get one chance to walk this Earth and we need to make the most of that time. How we do that is different for everyone and w...
Grace Lynch3 months ago
Best Songs of 2019 So Far
We're almost halfway through 2019 and already some amazing music has been released. This list is celebrating the ten best song to be released this year so far, including very recent releases.
Kacie Riordan4 months ago
A Relaxing Playlist
Lately, I've been pretty stressed. I've been dreading coming to work, even though I actually enjoy my job, and genuinely like my coworkers. Here's a playlist I've been putting on in my office when I w...
Annie Kapur5 months ago
My Top Ten Favourite Songs by Bob Dylan (Pt. 14)
You'd think I would run out of things to say about Bob Dylan, and yet, here we are. Bob Dylan has an amazing track record of releasing some incredible and enigmatic music. He not only has that, but he...