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Robin Owensa year ago
Your Favorite Track on 'Reputation' Based on Your Favorite Track Off '1989'
Not sure how to approach Taylor Swift's new album? Not sure where to start because you didn't like a certain single? Look no further!
My Top Tracks of 2017
My favourites of the past year, in no particular order... and yes I included myself in there too....
Five Singles to Remember 2017 By
If there's one silver lining that history tells us comes of tumultuous times, it's that they tend to bleed rather well into all things creative. And while the year twenty-hundred-and-seventeen was alw...
A.R. Marqueza year ago
My Top 9* Albums of 2017
Here is my annual list for the best albums of 2017!
The Cross-Influence of Hip-Hop and Indie Music: A Playlist
I’ve always had an affinity for songs that were different, futuristic if you will. Songs that would create eras and ways to usher in new aspects of music. Hip-Hop and Indie music have always produced ...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Best (Depending On Who You Ask) of 2017
Hello, one and all. If any of you follow my posts, you all know by now that I do not listen; or rather barely to, any new music, unless it's by an artist that I'm still willing to validate and listen ...
Angel Henschela year ago
Six Underrated Rock Musicians
Music taste is a funny thing. You could absolutely despise my favorite band, because we prioritize and value different things in music. It's such a subjective topic, and yet one of our favorites to ta...
20 Songs You Might Not Know Were For a Broken Heart
Music is medicine for the heart, soul, and most importantly the brain. Many moms play Mozart while their babies are still in the womb, and many teachers pay music to help their students learn and reta...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: "Saturday Night Fever" 40th Anniversary
Hello one and all. As a child of only five years living in Brooklyn NY, I remember living next to a professional club disc jockey who had a killer sound system and whose collection was pretty vast wit...
Elo Campeaua year ago
Late Night Beats
It is dark outside. The weather is starting to go down. You're in your car, alone, riding on the freeway. Or you're in your bed and your head is starting to wonder. All you're missing is the perfect p...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Christmas, Volume 2
Hello one and all. This is part two of the previous 'list with many familiar favorites and a few choice picks to add to your eggnog party. Also, there's always more than one video version posted, so y...
Annie Nonimousa year ago
10 Lesser Know Winter/Christmas Songs
I freaking love Christmas carols. I can hardly restrain myself from singing them til November 1st and after December 25th. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Christmas music hipster, as I'm alway...
Elayna Forana year ago
Breaking Up in 2017
No matter what background, everybody has experienced heartbreak. This is a list of songs that make you feel better by empathy. The link to the playlist on Spotify is below.
Kitty Kaylaa year ago
Mix Up Your Christmas Music!
I don't know about you, but I love Christmas music. When it hits December, the Santa hat comes on. The cookie mixes come out. The eggnog has landed. Unfortunately, like all songs you play on repeat un...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Christmas, Volume 1
Hello, one and all. So, December 25 is upon us again and you know what that means. Eggnog, ugly sweaters, huge pine trees lit with assorted lights that will juice up your electric bill. All the presen...
Renée Wooda year ago
Songs for Every Stage in a Breakup
So maybe they broke it off with you, or you broke up with them. Maybe they cheated, or you lied, or it just didn't work. Perhaps you've mucked up a beautiful friendship or misinterpreted the relations...
Adam Wallacea year ago
Six Cynical Songs for a Silly Season
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I plow through the maligned, the forgotten, the silly, and the subversive. I enjoy Christmas. I don't go crazy over it like some others do; I do that fo...
Renée Wooda year ago
10 Bittersweet Songs for Winter
Thanksgiving has come and gone, signaling the inevitable return of winter. With days full of family, friends, and happy memories, some nights all you want is to relax and unwind. So, whether it's cozy...