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Tom Chapman2 days ago
Stop The Music: Classic 'Friends' Song Isn't The Original!
Friends writer Betsy Borns has just shattered a little piece of the 90s for us. She revealed that the iconic song Smelly Cat, from the hit T.V. show, wasn't supposed to be about a cat at all! It was o...
Eric Allen23 days ago
Music Condescension: A Sanctimonious Affliction
We’ve all encountered and endured the hyperbolic rantings of music snobs. You know the type: someone who not only thinks they know more than the average music buff, but more than anyone else, period. ...
Michael Sellers2 months ago
Must Try Harder; How the United Kingdom Could Win Eurovision Again
Oh, Eurovision: a guilty pleasure to some, a complete indulgence to others. Arguably (and most definitely in my eyes) the biggest music contest in the world, it is an enigma of sorts. It exists in its...
ASHLEY SMITH2 months ago
Things I Hate About
As my girlfriend says, I don’t like loads of different things. I thought I would write a few of them in an occasional series called, "Things I Hate About… First is music. Random rapping in the middle ...
PJ Reilly2 months ago
An Open Letter to Pop Culture Nerds
Dear Nerds: I work for a man who does not care for The Beatles. He has no active distaste them, as I’m sure it must be pretty difficult to outright dislike The Beatles. But he has no affinity for them...
Ayanna James2 months ago
Marching Band as a Sport
For many people, marching bands are a truly incredible sight to see. Visual effects, great music, and of course those mesmorizing dance girls and flag girls. But the performances were not always as to...
Nic Perrins2 months ago
The Great Plagiarism Debate
Poor Ed Sheeran. You’d think that after seeing his bezzy mate Sam Smith wrangle with Tom Petty over the similarities between "I Won’t Back Down" and "Stay With Me", he might be more inclined to ensure...
Andrea Dawson3 months ago
The Correlation Between Music Culture and Fashion Trends
There is a clearly obvious intersection between music culture and fashion trends. Popular musicians often tend to be trendsetting for those who love their music. Fans of music love to emulate their fa...
Jacob Titterton3 months ago
The Same Person Made All of Your Favourite Songs.
What do Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, P!nk, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande all have in common, other than their chart topping hits? The man who created the chart top...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Catchiest Metal Cover Songs
Most people cast metal aside as one of those music genres that is all about screaming to the sound of thrashing guitar riffs. For some bands, this might be true. After all, not all metal bands are goo...
Christina St-Jean3 months ago
Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood Had "Touch Of Lung Cancer"
When it comes to the word "cancer," people have reported a range of reactions, from feeling as though their world was about to end to an eerie sort of calm. For guitarist Ronnie Wood of the legendary ...
Alex Bernier4 months ago
Groceries on La Isla Bonita
The Belize heat ignites another day in the town of San Pedro. A man steps out of his wooden stilt home and heads towards the main street on a grocery mission. Any reason to get him out of the house is good enough, as he is exhausted from the usual bickering with his wife of twenty-five years, even if that means walking across town with plastic bags full of food under the tropical sun. The sun slows his walking pace. La siesta could not come soon enough. He arrives at the market out of breath. Ev...
Top Dawg Ent Leads the new age of Western Philosophy—Ab-Soul
Western philosophy acts to dissect the underpinnings of thought within the social, religious and political sphere. These days, a new age of thought comes from those dedicated to the craft of wordsmans...
David Lasher4 months ago
Top 10 Best Pre-Game Songs
As someone who loves sports and playing them, I get why the music you listen to can have a big impact on performance. In all major sports, music is a great way to get you pumped up and ready to play. ...
Bobby Tarlton4 months ago
East London Cleopatra
A few weeks ago I was having a chat with my friend and band-mate, Toby, about where the inspiration for my songs comes from. It’s not something you can answer easily without sounding pretentious or se...
Daniel Triumph4 months ago
Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding used to be one of my two “current” artists. (For those who don’t know, I generally only get really into two bands or artists at once. It used to be Ellie Goulding and Rise Against in my...
Alex Bernier4 months ago
Eminem Verse Watch
Welcome back, to the stage of history.
Gregory Eze4 months ago
Sampling in Music
Popular music (pop music) these days uses elements of other peoples records. We think of today's artists, who seem to not have original ideas anymore. Some say that everything that can be written has ...