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Zanna Hintz2 years ago
Pan!c at the Disco Concert Gives Cleveland a Rainbow
The other night I attended the Pan!c at the Disco with Saint Motel and Misterwives concert here in Cleveland, my first concert I have attended in awhile ( Gasp I know it's a tragedy!) but it was well ...
The Beach Boys' Smiley Smile
“Smiley Smile” is The Beach Boys album that nobody wanted, particularly not The Beach Boys' fans and critics. In 1967, when it came out, everybody was expecting and eagerly waiting for The Beach Boys ...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
10 Best Synthpop​ Songs
The list below contains the Top 10 Best Synthpop Songs. This list is based on research and on my own personal opinions.
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
10 Best Neoclassical Darkwave Songs
The list below contains the Top 10 Best Neoclassical Dark Wave Songs. This list is based on research and on my own personal opinions.
Rich Monetti2 years ago
Southside Johnny Has Long Answered the Classic Rock Call
Southside Johnny Lyon of classic rock fame grew up on the Jersey Shore Club scene with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Van Zandt, and a full gamut of R&B performers that the mid 60’s offered. I...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
The Yardbirds Still Blasting Their Classic Rock Guitars
Any mention of the Yardbirds almost immediately turns the conversation to the band’s three trailblazing classic rock guitarists – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Often lost in those five decad...
Roland Tillyer2 years ago
Iron Reagan: Crossover Ministry ALBUM REVIEW
Iron Reagan continue to keep the flame of crossover thrash burning on this new LP. To listen to this album is to listen to thirty minutes of fast, glorious and straightforward fury. Sometimes it feels...
Ryan Cole2 years ago
You Could've Worn A Tie, Chris...
It’s been roughly 15 years since I decided that I was too good for the Brit Awards; but I’m firmly in the trenches of music retail now, so practicality and morbid curiosity sucked me back into the kal...
Roland Tillyer2 years ago
Foxygen: Hang Album Review
After the total failure of their previous album and experimental venture …And Star Power, this new LP Hang could have seen the band going two different directions. Thankfully, they executed this new r...
Roland Tillyer2 years ago
David Bowie: No Plan EP Review
On this posthumous release David Bowie seems to speak to us from beyond the grave yet again. Featuring songs from the Broadway musical Lazarus which he wrote and recorded the music for during the sess...
Chelsea DeVries2 years ago
#MusicLove: Alessia Cara's #KnowItAll Is a Lesson In Hit-Making Music
Google defines a "know it all" as someone who behaves as though they know everything. Alessia Cara must identify as such in some form because this is the title of her debut album. She didn't always co...
Roland Tillyer2 years ago
Brian Eno: Reflection Album Review
When he left Roxy Music in 1973, Brian Eno embarked upon a solo career that would lead him to be regarded as one of the most influential and innovative producers of all time. Since coining the term am...
Will Vasquez2 years ago
History of The Who
The crowd outside Boston Gardens on April Fools Day 1975 was psyched beyond the normal craziness attendant to rock events. Cars couldn’t move through the densely congested pedestrian traffic radiating...
Samantha Bentley2 years ago
Fuck Your Valentines Day Cliche Mixtape
I literally just posted my top tracks for January a couple of days ago, because I am a slacker, but I feel a bit like I didn't do you guys justice. I was lazy, I made a playlist, I chucked all my favo...
Adam Quinn2 years ago
Famous Super Bowl Halftime Shows
The Super Bowl is traditionally one of the most watched television events of the year, and over the years with the action of the game, the unique commercials and the headlining halftime performer, eve...
Anne St. Marie2 years ago
5 Unique Metal Bands You Should Be Listening To
If you’re in the market for metal, you probably know there are roughly 500 styles and sub-genres to explore (if you’re new to the metal scene . . . well, there are roughly 500 styles and sub-genres to...
Samantha Bentley2 years ago
January 2017 Essential Playlist
So, as I promised, I am going to be doing a playlist of songs I have discovered or been obsessed with each month. 2017 has GOT to be better than 2016, right? I mean come on. 2016 might have been the m...
Will Vasquez2 years ago
Science of Beatboxing
Beatboxing, or the art of producing the track to a song with nothing but one's voice, has been seeing a resurgence lately, but few understand the science of beatboxing. Scientists have recently been s...