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J. P. Frattini4 months ago
Why We Need a New Rage Against the Machine
Who here remembers when the historic rap-metal group Rage Against The Machine burst into the mainstream? I don’t because I was only two years old when they broke up, but I do listen to them on a regul...
Dana white5 months ago
Xav A. Releases Catchy New Tune 'Old Milk'
Just a couple weeks ago R&B/Pop artist Xav A. released his fall single and music video "Old Milk." He stated that he hopes one day this song can be in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. When ...
vento aureo5 months ago
In My Eyes: City Pop
The end of 2018 is only three months away, and moving onto the next year means more advances in technology, social networking, and global issues. However, over the past couple of years, there has been...
Kendall Earl6 months ago
The Flava Flavs of Our Generation
While traveling to my classes via ride sharing services; my driver brought up her opinions on the rappers of the current day. Like many people who grew up in the old school era of rap and R&B, she did...
E.W Hemmings6 months ago
Enjoy the Gig with Your Eyes and Ears
A couple of months ago, my boyfriend went to Reading Festival with his family. And although I wasn't there, I sort of got to be—no, he didn't freak out security by bringing another person along in his...
Sarah Loyd6 months ago
Are Memes Now the Key to Making Successful Music?
The internet loves memes, and music seems to love memes too. Hit songs and trending memes are starting to go hand in hand with one another. It's as if one can't survive without the other. This makes a person wonder if the key to making successful music is creating a successful meme. Well, that's at least the theory I have.
Jaden Bricker6 months ago
Shut Up About Phones at Concerts
Go to any live performance of an artist from thirty years ago or more and you’ll see that one comment. In fact, you’ll see several comments just like this one.
Kendall Earl6 months ago
Respect for BTS and ARMY
With worldwide superstars BTS appearing on multiple shows and speaking at the UN; the world's attention has been on ARMY and the band. The Love Yourself Campaign was created to fight violence and prom...
Sammi Curran6 months ago
10 Underrated BTS Songs
BTS has no shortage of songs. They have new albums more frequently than it is humanly possible. Thanks to this, we get a barrage of BTS hits quite often, along with multiple music videos to accompany ...
Rebecca 6 months ago
Why People Need to Stop Criticizing White Rappers
Lately, we've all seen a ton of divide among everyone about race. This argument has been especially highlighted because of all the police brutality, new president, and immigration laws. It is really i...
Style Idol Closet6 months ago
EXO | Favorite Ranking
I must begin by stating that I only included the nine members that are part of the current member line. When I really started getting into K-pop and found out of EXO, there were already nine members. ...
Heerin Park6 months ago
K-Pop Songs to Feel Better
K-pop is a genre that is the generalized term for Korean pop. Although there are such things as K-rock and K-indie and such. But overall a lot of people generalize it as K-pop. And like western music, there are certain songs that would make someone happy, sad, angry, etc. And because K-pop is my favorite genre... here are the top ten songs that I listen to so I could feel better. Please note, this list is compiled of songs that personally make me feel better. BTS - "I'm Fine" If you read the rev...
Heerin Park6 months ago
So earlier this year, I actually experienced my first KCON ever. No I didn't go to the concert if you're wondering. Mostly because it was already sold out when I was planning to go. But that's okay be...
Blake O'Connor6 months ago
The 13 Trippiest Electronic Music Videos You Need to See
Electronic music is often associated with altered states of consciousness. Distortion, surrealism, full-on abstraction, or psychedelic animation describe the variations of creative characteristics for...
Ossiana Tepfenhart6 months ago
20 Most Difficult Songs to Sing
The music industry may be marketed pretty heavily, but all the big-label marketing in the world can't make up for a good voice. Even with record labels like EMI behind you, you'll still need an amazin...
Emily 7 months ago
Music: Culture and Soul
Music. The most important thing in the world (apart from breathing of course). But in this age of auto tuning and technology so advanced that no musicians have gone near it, I struggle to think of wha...
Laura Klonowski7 months ago
Sarah Darling Asks Fans for Album Title Ideas
Sarah Darling is a much loved country music artist from Iowa. The 35-year-old songstress has been living and working in Nashville since she was 19 and over the past two years she has become a treasure...
Katana Haley7 months ago
Decoding Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'
At Vanity Fair, Austin Collins’ review of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” analyzes the artistry and reveals the deeper meaning behind the quick flashes of explicitly consequential imagery. The multi-hyphenated entertainer Donald Glover dropped a bombshell video sparking a flurry of conversation around the topics of American life, gun control, racism, and most importantly, negating the existence of these issues for voguish diversions. America at large would rather be pacified rather than clo...