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Spencer MacAdama year ago
'Straight Outta Compton' Sequel???
Released in 2015, Straight Outta Compton told the story of the up and coming rappers based out of Compton, California. The plot involved Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E, DJ Yella and MC Ren who came togethe...
Samuel Kinga year ago
Making Freddie Straight
"The only thing...more extraordinary...than their music...is his story." Recently, 20th Century Fox released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Set to a ...
10 Relatable Broadway Songs
For Even the Least Musical
Joey Rupcicha year ago
Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic!
“Wait, it gets cold in Wisconsin?” I sat there dumbfounded in my badger sandals as I had to explain to a friend from Maine that yes, it does get cold in Wisconsin. In the course of my one year in New ...
Sarah Rusha year ago
Artists to Look Out for in 2018
It doesn't matter what genre you listen to, I've got you covered. At the beginning of the year, Fall Out Boy released a new album. It was exceptionally controversial considering everybody knows them f...
Remy Ozera year ago
What's the Actual Deal With Nickelback?
I know, I know. You see the word “Nickelback” in this title and you roll your eyes and maybe throw up in your mouth just a little bit, but swallow it back down because, deep down, you really want to k...
Michael Sellersa year ago
Review: All of the 'Big 5' Entries for Eurovision 2018
Since 2000, France, Germany, Spain and the UK have all directly qualified for the final (with Italy joining this notorious group in 2011) . This is regardless of whether their entries soared to the to...
Richard Brinda year ago
"Man's Not Hot": Humorous Lyrics vs. Straight Parody
I am aware that I am especially late to writing about this topic. Though I did hear the song the other night in a club, so I would consider it’s popularity to still render it as a tentpole event. So, ...
Melissa Nestora year ago
Who Is Joanne? The Inspiration Behind Lady Gaga's Most Recent Album
When we think of Lady Gaga, we all think of her crazy stage antics and even crazier wardrobe choices. As of 2016, people's relativity to the pop queen may have slightly shifted. Much to her fans' sati...
Judy Maea year ago
A Brand Genius That Is Joji/Filthy Frank/Pink Guy
Enough with wolves or owls, Joji/Filthy Frank/Pink Guy is my ultimate spirit animal. Yes I am a millennial female with a corporate job and my spirit animal looks like this.
Mimo le Singea year ago
Sensuality in Music Isn’t Always Reduced to Party Anthems
Sex is a familiar topic well fleshed out in the music industry, and it’s been applied to various scenarios—fantasies, relationships, and experimentation—depending on the kind of message that the artis...
Christian Skyea year ago
I recall the day I turned on the radio and Adele was there chasing pavements... As a 12-year-old, you don't understand the depth of an artist like that. Her debut album, '19', was amazing but I didn't...
Kea R.a year ago
Queer Footsteps in Korean Pop Culture
Holland (홀랜드), debuted on January 22nd, 2018 with his first single, Neverland. The teaser itself left millions asking questions in hurried excitement: Who was this new idol? Why is he caressing the face of another man? Could our 'Twentygayteen' prayers have been answered? The answer? YES! Of course. The music video finally dropped, as did our jaws. Opening with soft piano chords, it transitions into a smooth hip-hop style beat. These layered together and introducing Holland's vocals transport us...
Michael Sellersa year ago
Eurovision You Decide; Reviewing Our UK Hopefuls for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Eurovision as of late has been a somewhat tumultuous affair for the United Kingdom. We have had sprinkles of good results, and then fallen flat on our faces with some questionable internal selections ...
Tyler Jacobsa year ago
Catharsis in Clown Makeup
I was laying in bed one afternoon, casually scrolling through YouTube on my phone. This was an activity I enjoyed frequently, especially during my junior year. I tend to stay on the home page, scannin...
Delilah Jaydea year ago
8 Obvious Music Sellouts of Today's Generation
Throughout musical history, musicians have been known to cause controversy and create a buzz about important opinions they hold regarding society and the way of life that humans partake in without rem...
Karina Thyraa year ago
A Swift Rise to Fame: the Internet's Favorite 7-Year-Old Taylor Swift Impersonator Unveils Her Axl Rose Impression
Last week, the internet went wild for Xia Vigor, a 7-year-old little popstar who's currently competing on the Philippine TV talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar (Kids). Despite ranking low in the sho...
Being a Girl in the Music Industry Is Hard
Being a girl in the music industry is hard. Being a girl that has done porn and is now in the music industry? Even harder. The rejection, preconceived opinions and complete and utter dismissal at some...