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Wade Wainio7 days ago
Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops (Live, Philly '76)/Also, the 'Cheap Thrills' Version
There are many different versions of Frank Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops," but the best I've heard (yet) occurred in Philadelphia in 1976 -- 5 years before I was born. In my experience, "The Tortur...
Yvonne Glasgow12 days ago
The Pop Stylings of Christian Heath
Christian Heath is a musical artist that hails from Johannesburg and is mostly known for creating romantic ballads that make people fall in love with his music, and each other. His music isn’t all abo...
Kayla Cooper12 days ago
10 Worst Songs of 2017
2017 was an... odd year for music. It contained songs that were highly experimental, as well as songs that seemed to have much more emotion than we would have expected. That being said, there were man...
Cherry Girl13 days ago
Why Group Winner's 'EVERYDAY' Comeback Is Lit
Recently, the hip-hop based Kpop group identified as Winner released a new song named “Everyday,” along with a completed album that shares the same name as the title song. The average person might que...
Ryan J. Curry19 days ago
Emotional Soft Rock & Romantic Dance Pop: Shawn Mendes Woos Us With New Duo Track Release
We've all jammed to "Stitches," "Mercy," "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back," and many other top hits from heartthrob popstar Shawn Peter Raul Mendes. However, you'd be excited to know whether a fan in ...
Underlining Message in "Open Water" by Thrice
“Open Water” was written by Dustin M. Kensrue, Edward C. Breckenridge, James R. Breckenridge, and Teppei Teranishi and was released in their fifth studio album known as the Alchemy Index Vol. I & II in October 2007 and April 2008. The Alchemy Index is a concept album with two discs containing six songs each. The first set of six songs in Vol. I would represent the classical element fire and the other six songs on Vol. II would represent the classical element of water. Of course the same concept ...
MJ Trza month ago
Best of ACM 2018
It’s that time of year again - award season! The best of music, movies, and performances are being judged; the red carpet is rolling out; awards are ready to be presented. The ACM are a special time f...
Bad Wolves: Zombie
On January 15, 2018 the world lost a beloved singer Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. The Cranberries are most famously known for their chart-topping song "Zombie." "Zombie" was written about the ...
Angelica Torresa month ago
Top 10 Underrated Hunter Hayes Songs
Hunter Hayes is no stranger to the country music scene, winning a CMA, being nominated for multiple Grammys, and racking in multi-platinum record sales. Even with this success, Hunter is still overlooked in many ways. So personally, I think all of his songs are underrated in one way or another, but here are what I think are his top 10 underrated songs. (I'm excluding his radio singles—except for one—because his singles are more popular, but I'll make a list for that later.)
Kayla Simasa month ago
Top Carrie Underwood Songs
We all know Carrie Underwood as one of American Idol's most successful winners, who has toppled Billboard charts with a numerous amount of her songs and has received an exact number of 169 awards, and...
Kayla Simasa month ago
Top Sugarland Songs
The very first country song I heard was by Sugarland, which turned me into the country music-crazed gal that I am today. I have since followed their music like it was the main road in my hometown, and...
Brianna DiPrimaa month ago
Top 10 Paramore Songs
This is a list that has the top 10 Paramore songs in my opinion. If you disagree or want to share your own favorites, let me know on Twitter. A little backstory on the band before I dive in; Paramore ...
Calder Amos-Wooda month ago
Singles Reviews
There has been a drought in terms of albums that I want to review, but I've been listening to a lot of singles recently, so here are some of the ones that stood out to me.
Azaria Brown2 months ago
Do Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown Have Plans?
When I saw that Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown put out a song called "Stranger Things" together, I began playing the video and sending the link to my friend simultaneously. Though I have not watched Str...
Victor Trammell2 months ago
Song Review: 'My God' by Spizzy PM & King Boo
There are many keys to being successful in the record business. The key that will be focused on in this music review column is consistency. Literally everybody and their mama wants to be in the entertainment business. When it comes to the music industry, in particular, people get easily enamored by the images and lifestyles being portrayed by their favorite artists in songs and music videos. The dancing, partying, and fun vibes being depicted in these videos by signed and unsigned artists alike ...
Yvonne Glasgow2 months ago
C.K. and The Rising Tide Talk About ‘Friends’
Hailing from Hudson Valley, NY, there is a new trio of musicians that are going to set the country world on fire. Their music has a classic, down-home feel to it that will please country fans of any a...
The 25 Best Genre Crossover Covers
Every once in a while, an artist covers a song and they prove their versatility and expertise in those three or so minutes. They take everyone by surprise and sometimes, dare I say, overshadow the ori...
Mell Ritz2 months ago
Meanings in Songs
You know how you will hear a song on the radio and something about it will just speak to you? It will hit you in a place that stirs up a wealth of feelings and emotions. Well, there is a song that was on Country Radio in the last year or so that has done that to me. My daughter is a big country fan, and the rule in the car is whoever is in the passenger front seat controls the radio, so needless to say she tries to get that seat most often, and that means we hear a lot of country. Not only does ...