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Will Vasquez2 years ago
Bands That Time Forgot
Their dilated eyes peered out at you from under coiffed bangs and shoulder-length curls. They wore loud paisley Sgt. Pepper jackets, Indian print shirts or tangles of suede fringe. They looked vaguely...
Max Jones2 years ago
Most Famous Groupies of All Time
If you wanted to identify the most famous groupies of the 60s, 70s and 80s, look no further than at the most famous bands of those eras. All of the big names in music by definition have a huge number ...
Arnold Seleskey2 years ago
Christopher Makos' 'White Trash' Book Review
The organic and semantic problem of decadence is its capacity to bore; an absence of vitality, no matter how stylishly served, puts one on the nod faster than a freshly rolled one right before bedtime...
Arnold Seleskey2 years ago
'Rock N Roll Is Here to Pay' Book Review
Steve Chapple and Reebee Garofalo's Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Pay, together with Geoffrey Stokes' equally outstanding Star Making Machinery, should be considered required reading for anyone with a seri...
Adam Quinn3 years ago
Add These Best 70s New Wave Songs to Your Playlist
I have about 2000 albums—that's vinyl for all you digital people. 1000 or so are classical, collected during my early teens, better known as the 70s. The collection is particularly strong on Beethoven...
Max Jones3 years ago
There Was No One Like Etta James
“Sometimes I feel like reaching down from the stage and grabbing people and slamming them against the wall with my voice. Ι want to make ‘em wake up and listen. I love those people." – Etta James
Beat Staff3 years ago
Beatlemania: You Had to Be There
The millions of Beatle fanatics across the world finally had their first official live LP by the Fab Four. This marked the first time that the average fan could play Beatlemania at his or her own conv...
Beat Staff3 years ago
Patti Smith Interview
She sauntered into One Fifth Avenue Bar very late the other night. In her black silk French rain coat, street punk pants, and tough, tight smile, she looked every inch the superstar. One year earlier,...