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Thank You, Ariana

And Thank You, Next

We can all see that young Ariana Grande that once played the innocent and bubbly red-haired girl on Victorious has definitely grown up. We loved her then and we certainly love her now! With the debut of her newest "Thank You, Next" music video, the world is going wild. Bringing all of our personal favorite teen comedies together into one music video. Here are some of the reasons why you need to go watch this music video right now (well, after you're done reading my blog of course) if you haven't already...

1. It's so fetch.

The video begins with fellow 'classmates' discussing the essence of Ariana. Mean Girls star, Jonathan Bennett, made an appearance and recreated the perfect teen boy hair we all missed, that "looks sexy pushed back." Following along with the video, as the classic Mean Girls scene appears of the five walking through the halls, take a special look at "Cady," the Lindsay Lohan lookalike. Does anyone have a guess as to who this mystery girl really is? Psych! Its Elizabeth Gillies, Victorious star that played "Jade" alongside Ariana in the good old days. Following this key scene, the famous Christmas talent show plays with a special guest of "Regina's Mom" Kris Jenner. I gotta say, she was probably my favorite part of the entire video. The way she dances along with the girls in the isle as they're dancing on stage just really cracks me up. Make sure you get a special look at her soccer mom jumpsuit she's sporting.

2. Spirit fingers didn't appear, but what did was so much better.

Transitioning into another teen movie classic, the video represents (2000s) Bring It On as Ariana brushes her teeth next to her past Victorious co-star, Matt Bennett. This was heartbreaking because I'm sure we have all been waiting for their reuniting. Following this scene, we see Ariana lead the squad in multiple stunts and cheers that later consist of twerking but hey, that's alright because it truly is a Bring It On remake. The only thing that would've made it better, would've been the spirit fingers.

3. Ariana was '13 Going on 30.'

When the scene first begins, it can be a little misleading. I personally thought it was going to show something related to Ariana being engaged to Pete, but what happened was so much more exhilarating. Ariana with short, straight hair, walks passed a wedding, carrying her dollhouse from the classic movie 13 Going on 30. The magical wishing dust does more than just transport time, it turns Ariana into another icon.

4. Hi. I'm Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods.

Everything pink, not just wearing pink on Wednesdays, Ariana transforms into Elle Woods from the classic movie, Legally Blonde. Ariana later performs the ideal, "bend and snap" that she pulls off quite nicely.

5. "Thank you, next, bitch."

Ending the world famous music video, we see Kris Jenner saying "Thank you, next, bitch" which is one of the highlights of the video. The closing scene is truly unforgettable. I can't really even put it in words, you just have to go watch it now.

Overall, I'm truly proud of Ariana sharing her past relationship experiences in a fun, yet spiritually emotional way unlike some pop singers in this generation. *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* I recommend the video to anyone and everyone because it's phenomenal and a blast from the past for some of us.

In writing this, I would like to give a special shoutout to our friend, Mac Miller (1992-2018). I never really listened to his music but he was very special to my boyfriend and he will be truly missed.

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Thank You, Ariana
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