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The 2019 #PIMAs Opening Ceremony

A Different Kind of Music Award...

Hello, Vocal and the internet!

*Crowd screaming*

Hello and welcome to the inaugural 2019 PIMA awards!

*Crowd is throwing flowers now*

Thank you, thank you, oh you're too kind. 

*Deathly silence*

I am your host, Peter Ellis and I'll be guiding you through a new award ceremony that focuses on nothing but the best music of the year. 

The PIMAs, or Peter's Independent Music Awards, was established in 2019 by yours truly, after a countdown of the best albums of 2017 inexplicably became my most-read article on Vocal. To that I said, "Wow, people might actually care about my musical opinions."

This sudden shock got me thinking, would it be possible to capture lightning in a bottle again? Throughout the year, I tried talking about music here and there, dabbling with different album reviews and discussing music lightly elsewhere in other articles. 

The idea to do just another top 10 album list was tempting, but I've never been one for direct repetition. Why do the exact same thing twice when you can do slightly different things an infinite number of times?

So, what's different this year? Well, this year we're going BIGGER! That means we've got multiple articles coming in the next week and a half to cover the six main categories we've got in the first PIMAs. 

Each category has multiple nominees, and every two or three days we'll be unveiling the winner in a countdown style article, from fifth or 10th (category pending) to the overall winner. Stay tuned to the OFFICIAL PIMAs Twitter @PM_Ellis1 to keep up to date with when the next set of winners will be announced!

The order of the categories in the graphic you're looking at now is the order they shall release in, starting with "Best Music Video" and ending with "Album of the Year."

Each winner will get their own custom-made PIMA digital certificate. The winners are not contractually obliged to care or collect their award in any due time, but can carry on knowing they've got another gong under their belt. 

The certificate will come in the gorgeous yellow and purple colours we've got on all of the posters which definitely didn't get thrown together in photoshop about half an hour before this went live. 

I said it didn't, so be impressed.

Who can we expect to see this year? I tell you what, after how good 2017 was for music, I wasn't expecting 2018 to not only be just as good, but so much better!

We've got the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak and more all nominated for several of the coveted PIMAs. 

Of course, this is an independent award ceremony hosted and produced by one person, but that doesn't mean we can't have an ad break with some words from our sponsors!



Thanks, sponsors!

Keep an eye on Vocal over the next few days as it hosts the inaugural PIMAs! 

Want to get involved in the conversation? Go to Twitter and use the hashtag #PIMAs2019.

Have a different opinion on the years' best music? Awesome! We love opinions! You have your own hashtag, be sure to use #PIMAself. 

Yes, I know what it sounds like. I said what I said. 

That's all for now folks, I'm your host, Peter Ellis, and this is the PIMAs. 

You've got this far? Excellent. I'm trying something new, it's not 100 percent serious in case you can't already tell, but it's a project I've worked quite hard on, so hopefully you enjoy what is to come. 

As always, if you want to help fund the next big article (and see who wins the first PIMA!), then a tip would be very much appreciated. 

There is no official Twitter to follow, just mine, though I'll be doing some fun stuff over on there to do with this new award thing I've birthed. 

See you all soon when we see who takes home the award for the "Best Music Video!"

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The 2019 #PIMAs Opening Ceremony
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